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Wašleng is an island cluster on the Eastern Islands. It was one of the most important early centers of Zeribian culture.


Wašleng is divided into North and South Wašleng, which are the two largest islands, and the smaller islands. Wašleng is also politically in control of other areas outside of the immidiate vicinity, such as Uganbalžan.

Fauna & Flora

The North Wašleng is the most densely populated area. It is filled with orchards and fields. Large bat hunting festival is orgaised once a year during the pollination of the fruit trees, when hundreds of bats are hunted with nets and sacrificed to the bat god Učelmsišet.   Wašleng is in control of the Sea Silk industry on Uganbalžan, and the silk is mostly exported through Wašleng.

Natural Resources

Wašleng is the producer of the finest lefeš, the traditional Zeribian fruit wine. The wine is also used to produce sahfyl a variant with higher alcohol content that is used in ritual contexts. Both are exported to all over the Eastern Islands.


North Wašleng has some of the oldest preserved Zeribian architecture.
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