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Uganbalžan is a city on an Eastern Island with the same name.   Uganbalžan is a tributary state of Wašleng. However, because of the huge value of the Sea Silk produced there, Uganbalžan has a lot of influence on Wašleng and a good deal of independence.  


The Ngad i zerib (Zeribian language) name of the state derives from Ugan Palžan Uran 'The Lord's ships pass through it', named thus because Uganbalžan is located midway between Washleng and Moons.   The name's interpretation in Nem is Fukambalsan or sometimes Fukambalsin, due to the similarity with Nem balsin 'fortress'.
  Morphological break-up
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U-gan 0-pal-žan u-ran
3ABS-travel ABS-lord-ship 3P.POSS-through

Industry & Trade

Sea silk

  Uganbalžan is famous for producing Sea Silk, which is imported around all the islands and even the Southern Continent. Sea silk is an incredibly light but durable fabric. It looks colorless, slghtly transparent and shiny. The fibers are water resistant, and when woven tightly, it can be used to create waterproof, fast drying clothes.   Sea silk is only produced in small quantities and is therefore hugely expensive. Traditionally sea silk was only worn by the Zeribian nobility.   The manifacturing process of the material is a carefully guarded state secret. The fibers are believed to be produced by an insect, spider or a similar creature. Despite better knowledge people often call the animal the "water sheep", This has lead into many confusing the unknown animal with the Maw Ûmendmeld (Capybara), that are also named the water sheep in some areas. This lead into an expedition from Republic of Free West Island embarassingly stealing a herd of maw from Uganbalžan, when they were looking for the source of the fabric.
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The location of Uganbalžan within Eastern Islands
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