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Trelgax 'the edge of the woods' (Ngad i zerib) is the main settlement on Irin i heš. The town was founded about a century ago as a mining colony. The settlement is known for being right on the edge of the Zeribian cultural sphere, the climate is harsh and unfamiliar and the locals stubborn and aggressive.   Dispite the unpleasantness of the place, the mining products produced by the settlement have become very important to support the Zeribian war efforts on Der Fem (West Island). This has attracted many of the middle-class Zeribians that hope to get a share of the wealth. The best the settlers can do, is stand on the beach, and look at the trading ships between Ačfem and Tášá sailing past in the distance.


The current population of the town is divided pretty evenly between Zeribians and Caač people. The first Caač in the settlement were either slaves or wifes married to the Zeribian miners, but resently more and more Caač have settled in and near the town to do all kinds of general work.   Most of the Zeribians living in the settlement permanently are middle-class. The lords owning the mines only visit the settlement occasionally.   Despite the growing peaceful relationships between the Caač and the Zeribians, the most of the Caač on the island are against the Zeribian rule. The Zeribians had a history of coming to the island just to capture the locals into slavery even before settling on the island. Later, the people enslaved in the mines and town have been kept in very poor conditions.


The settlement and the mines are protected by high palisades. There are dangerous animals such as wolves and mountain dragons living in the hills, but the main danger are the local Caač hunters, that terrorise the settlers with frequent attacks. The Zeribians have been trying to subdue them, but controlling them has proven to be hard, because they are living on the move without large permanent settlements.


Due to the cold southern ocean currents, the climate on the island is pretty dry, and the nature is dominated by dry woodlands, and shurblands and grass on the higher elevations.

The winters get unpleasantly cold, but the summers are hot and more pleasant than elsewhere on the islands, because the air is less humid.
by Joe Decruyenaere

Natural Resources

Thelgax is a mining colony, and that is the only significant resourse gathered here. The local people are also captured into slavery.   The island's terrain is dominated by steep hills, that provide only very little space for acriculture. The main sustinence is fish, that is plentiful because of the cold ocean current. Meat and local wild plants are traded from the Caač, a lot of rice is imported from elsewhere.
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A Caač father and a child


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