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Tášá is a Tasalian city state, located on an island, between the Çaus peninsula, and Serpent's Spine Islands.  


Tášá seems to contain a common suffix -šá 'place', but the exact meaning of the first part is unknown. The ethnonym for the residents of Tášá is tášáàl, which is the source of the Aradal Tasalwüyrü 'Tasal residence' and ultimately Nem (Faren language) Tasalwíri.

A connection has also been made between the Tašal ethnonym and the name of the mythical founder of the city Dašar, although the Songs of Kauteirin connect this name to the Faren word dálas 'no one'.


Tášá is located on an island close to the mainland, guarding the narrow passage between the Serpent's Spine Islands and the continent. All traders need to travel through the city, unless they risk the long sail up the Serpent, and then facing the northward winds beyond the islands pushing them further to the sea. This makes the city able to control the eastward trade.



Taša is a Tašal city, but it's focus on trade has brought in people from all corners of the world. The largest minority are the Farens, comprising nearly a half of the citizens. Ara people have also been growing in amounts after their conquest of the Yamenawa highlands.

As it is the case in other large cities of Salan, most of the inhabitants of the city are poor workers and slaves without the citizenship. Slaves are sourced from kidnapping the Caač people from the Pillar Mountains, piracy, or trading with the other nations.
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Tášá was founded by Dasar a great Hero and Holders of the Skyswords, who is considered the ancestor of the Tašals. Tášá became an important trade settlement, exercising control on the other Tašal states and establishing colonies further along the coast.

Tašals came into conflict with the Farens during the early expansion period (4th century AFS), when both the Faren states and Tašal city were aggressively establishing new cities further from their traditional areas. Some of the colonies were defeated, but the Farens never came to dominate in the peninsula.

436 AFS the forces of Aramacänten (Mountain kingdom) launched an attack on the peninsula, after they had taken the control of most of the Yamenawa, attempting to secure themselves a passage to the sea. The Seige of Tášá was a difficult battle, that heavily taxed the Tašal navy, but the city was not taken and the Ara were forced to retreat back into the highlands. After this the city became important trade allies with Aramacänten, which brought it even more riches from the textile and metal products of the mountains.

Their main competition in trade comes from the Zeribians, for whom they have generally unfriendly relationships, although they are important trade partners as well. Because Zeribians have rarely tried establishing permanent settlements on the mainland, the main conflics have been over the rule of Serpent's Spine, and the Zeribian piracy and privateering on the Tašal traders.


The city is an architectural wonder. The main part of the city is located on an island, connected to the mainland by long stone bridges. Due to its location, the city has never been sacked, even though many have tried. Most notably it was seiged by the Aramacänten's forces in 436AFS, after they had successfully taken over almost the whole Yamenawa and much of the peninsula around Tášá.

Many aqueducts have also been constructed, to bring fresh water from the mainland into the city. The main part of the city is the large docks housing hundreds of merchant ships, as well as the huge war ships of the Tasalian navy.
Founding Date
c. 100 BFS
Inhabitant Demonym
Tašal, Tašalian
Location under
by AlexanderVanLoon
Hérfé Ásó, Lion mother
the patron goddess of the city


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