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Heroes are a class of Spirit beings in the Faren spirituality. Hero usually refers to the heroes of the past, half-mythical people who lived long ago. While there are still many spirits living on Salan, no current heroes are though to exist.  


The exact origin of the heroes is debated. They are sometimes explained to be the offspring of divines mating with humans, and sometimes to be full divines or full mortals, albeit very powerful. They are sometimes though to belong to Spirit ancestors, and be ancestral to all living humans, all Farens, or all the people of a settlement.  


Unlike other spirit beings, heroes are closely associated with humans. They are usually descibed as having a human-like appearance. They are also generally benevolent and striving to help lesser people, even if they might end up causing more harm than good.

Famous Heroes

Daursan and Kauteirin (Ásinnár's twin sons)
Deremhos the Elder


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