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Deremhos the Elder

Deremhos Pamar, Deremhos the Elder was an ancient Faren Hero and a master blacksmith. He is known for being the creator of the Skyswords and the leader who lead the ancient Wanderers away from the slavery under Stonelords' Throne. He is not to be confused with his descendant Deremhos the Younger.  


Deremhos is the old variant of the word smith in Nem (Faren language). This unusual name has lead some to suspect, that Deremhos is a later representation of a father of the smiths, rather than a historical person. It is also possible that his personal name has become lost to the ages, although his legacy has remained.  


The smiths of the later ages venerate Deremhos as the father of all the smiths. He is sometimes worshipped as an intermediary for Arnalte, the god who casted the stones of the earth into shape. Arnalte is one of the three primal divines, who are rarely worshipped directly.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Deremhos grew up in the depths of Stonelords' Throne as a slave to the Stone Giants. Deremhos learned the skill of smithing from the giants, and became the most talented of the human blacksmiths. He was then put in charge of the reserch into the greystone. The giants had already suspected, that the material had magical properties, but they had not found a way to break the stone into usable tools. Deremhos found a way to melt the greystone and cast it into blades. How he did this is not known, but some suggest that the gods gifted him this knowledge, to help the humans in their fight against the giants.

Deremhos did not reveal the discovery to the giants, but began the work on his greatest work. He forged nine great blades of greystone, and he named them the Skyswords, for the greystone had come from the skies - it is believed that it is pieces of the Moons that once fell on Salan. Deremhos gifted these great weapons to his trusted companions, and the fiercest warriors among the slaves.

Now armed, the slaves rose up in a rebellion against the giants. The power of the Skyswords was, that it cut straight into the souls of their victim, thus killing not only the body, but also the sould of the victim. When the giants realised this, they were afraid, and fled in front of the slaves, disappearing into their tunnels deep beneath the mountains. The Holders of the Skyswords lead the people safely out of the great fortress.

Once in the mountains, the men strated to quarell amongst themselves, and finally went their separate ways. Deremhos travelled to the great highland sea, Ulüwerä, and the holy city of Wasäkawakal was founded there. Their king was Arnenn, one of the Holders. There Deremhos was a great teacher of smiths, and his descendants also inherited the professsion from him.
Notable creations


The Skyswords were the greatest creation of Deremhos. According to the myths, they were nine great blades of greystone. The swords, like any Greystone blades, were sharper than any weapons of metal, capable of penetrating any armor. More frightening, however, was their ability to kill not only the body, but also the soul of their victim. This gave their holders the power to permanently kill even the immortals, like the giants and the gods.   The swords apparently had other magical properties as well, although they are less well understood. It seems that the most of the heroes who held the swords gained great wealth and power, but they also committed great evils and often had a tragic death. Some say that they were corrupted by the greystone itself, and that the material holds a terrible spirit of chaos, that only desires to wipe out all life.


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