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Holders of the Skyswords

The Holders of the Skyswords were group of five great Heroes of the Time of Wander to whom Deremhos the Elder gifted one of the Skyswords. The Skyswords were magical weapons of great power, that made any of their holders great among the Heroes of men, but were also the cause of a great evil.

“Do you know of whom you sing, fair maiden?”
“Of the times of old, of the Heroes of the First Ages.”
The Smith looked in the dancing flames and was silent for a while.
“You are singing of my grandfather. He was called Deremhos, or Deremhos the Elder, as me and my father inherited his name”
“Deremhos, the father of the smiths? The one, as the myths sing, forged the Skyswords?”
“I remember him dearly, even though I never met him, as he died before my birth. But the Skyswords bring me a dark memory, one that I’d rather forget.”
Kauteirin and Deremhos the Younger conversing


Deremhos the Elder had learned the skill of smithing from the giants, and had become the most talented human blacksmith. He was then tasked to lead the reasearch into the properties of the greystone The great magical properties were already sensed by the giants, however, they were never able to figure out how to break or melt the greystone for making a usable weapon out of it. It is not known until this day how Deremhos managed to do it, but he found a way to melt the stone and cast it into blades. Some myths claim, that one of the divines gifted this knowledge to him to arm him against the giants. This discovery he, however, kept secret from his giant masters, and began to work in secret towards arming his fellow slaves.
  The Holders of the Skyswords were Deremhos' fellow slaves under the Stonelords' Throne, and his most trusted companions, but also the hardiest and most capable warriors. After the forging of the swords, they lead their fellow slaves into a great rebellion against the giant masters. The giants had immortal spirits, but the magic of the Skyswords allowed the heroes to kill their immortal souls. When the giants realised they were killed permanently, they were frightened and fled, letting the slaves flee unharmed.

Once safely in the mountains, the holders swore to found a free kindom for all the slaves that had been freed. However, they soon began to fight with each other, and one after another they went their own ways, and thus the humans split into separate tribes.    

Holders of the Swords

In addition to Deremhos the Smith, there were five first Holders. In the myths all of them are given ominous names, that seem to predict their fates, making some to theorize that their true names and identities are unknown. Perhaps it is even possible that there were more Skyswords forged, than is told in the commonly accepted myths. Five seems to be a number of spiritual importance in the Faren number system.  

Deremhos the Smith

Deremhos the Elder was the creator of the Skyswords. His sword was inherited by his grandson Deremhos the Younger. He later destroyed it, after finding about its evil powers.


The forefather of the Tasalians, who was named the blessed, but was cursed by his brothers. His wife gave birth during their flight from the Giants, and the child, Dašar, was suspected of being a half-giant. Under the new laws he should have been killed, so the father send the mother and the child away, giving them his Skysword. After the others found out, Çargin was killed by them.

In the wilderness the fleeing mother met Lion mother who protected and blessed them. The son later became the holder of the Skysword and the first king of the Tašals.


who betrayed the others and swore his allegiance to the giants. He was called good brother, but became the enemy.


Forefather of the Sayals and the founder of Wasäkawakal. Some believe that the kings of Aramacänten still hold his sword.


Founder of Artana. King of the independent kingdom of men, until it was destroyed by the people allied with the giants. His sword was held by many later leaders of men, and took many lives during the bloody war that followed. It is told, that he was killed by Dašar son of Çargin.


Undinselwin became mad of the bloodlust during their flee from Stonelords' Throne, and he followed the fleeing giants into the mountains, never to be seen again. His sword went lost with him. He was called the one who has deep knowledge, but he only became to know the depths.

Later holders

In addition to the first Holders, many people held a Skysword in the later ages. However, the wherabouts of many of the Skyswords is either unknown or contested. Some myths tell that either Hero Daursan or Commander Farinwél had one, although this is unlikely, since Deremhos the Younger in their company is known to have had one, and was opposed to keeping the swords. It is possible that they had one of the lesser greystone blades that were forged during this time.
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The Skyswords, according to the myths, were nine Greystone blades, forged by Deremhos the Elder. The swords, like any Greystone blades, were sharper than any weapons of metal, capable of penetrating any armor. More frightening, however, was their ability to kill not only the body, but also the soul of their victim. This gave their holders the power to permanently kill even the immortals, like the Giants and the gods.

The swords apparently had other magical properties as well, although they are less well understood. It seems that the most of the heroes who held the swords gained great wealth and power, but they also committed great evils and often had a tragic death. Some say that they were corrupted by the greystone itself, and that the material holds a terrible spirit of chaos, that only desires to wipe out all life.


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