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Undinselwin was a mythical Wanderer Hero, one of the Holders of the Skyswords and a leader in the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne. He is remembered for being a wise man and a brave leader, but he was overcome by maddness in battle and disappeared.  


Undinselwin, is Nem for 'someone with deep knowledge'. However, after his presumed death in the depths of the tunnels beneath Stonelords' Throne, his name was reinterpreted to mean 'he who knows the depths'. It is probable, that the authors of the myths named him with this double meaning in mind, and his original name is lost to the ages, like the names of the most early heroes.  

Personal history

Early life

He was born a slave to the Stone Giants of the Stonelords' Throne. Although his civil profession is not known, his name suggests that he was viewed as a wise man, and a great thinker. He known to have been a good friend of Deremhos the Elder.  

Forging the Skyswords & the Slave Rebellion

Main article: Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne   Once Deremhos the Elder had discovered the secret of Greystone smithing, he forged the powerful but terrible weapons, the Skyswords, and distributed them to his closest allies and great warriors among the slaves, and Undinselwin was among them. Then Deremhos adviced the holders to gather their people, and arm them for rebellion. He did so, but little of Undinselwin's people is not known for certain.

In the beginning of the uprising Undinselwin fought valiantly, and he is credited for being the first of the Holders to kill a giant, the general Mandible. This is described in the myths as follows:  
It was not long, until the first of the giants was thrown down, and Undinselwin the Wise thrust his Skysword through his chest. Suddenly the soul that had bound the stones together into the mighty body was gone, devoured by the sword, and the giant crumbled into a lifeless pile of rocks on the floor of the tunnel.   The other giants were horrified when they realised what had happened - that they were made mortal by this new weapon. They raised their crackling voices in alarm, commanding their half-giant commanders to kill the holders at once, but the giants themselves retreated back to the shadows of the endless tunnel networks.
  However, Undinsewin's time as a hero was destined to be breef. Once the giants escaped, he found himself burning with inescapable bloodlust. He would have to follow them, defeat them once and for all. Thus he gave his ill-fated speech:
"We cannot leave like this: we have the power of surprise on our side! The Lords are afraid, but they will soon rise again stronger. We must attack now, when they are weak, and rid the world of them once and for all!"
He managed to convince his people to follow him, and led them to the darkness of the giants tunnels. Although it was not yet known at this time, his sudden maddness has been explained as the influence of his Skysword. Later it was seen, how the Holders were driven into committing many inexplainable evils, but on the other hand heroic deeds bordering maddness.  


Nothing is known of Undinselwin and his people after he parted from the rest of the Holders. It is generally assumed, that they perished, either lost in the endless tunnels, or more likely defeated by the giants. Some myths suggest that he in fact did survive, and tell of his adventures in the deep underground world, or that at least his Skysword appeared on the surface later.
Aligned Organization

Undiselwin's Skysword

Unique properties of his sword?


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