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Greystone smithing

Greystone smithing was a technology, that enabled the Ancients to craft Greystone into weapons of great power. The secrets of the technology were lost during the Black Years, but it is thought that some of the blades might still exist.  


Greystone, also known as moonstone is a rare material that is believed to be parts of the Red Moon of Salan, that rained down during the creation of the world. Greystone is very rare, but is sometimes found by accident when mining, or just lying around in the nature.   The pieces of greystone have poorly understood but very potent magical properties, including storing and transferring life-force, and warding against magic. They have been utilised in various ways by the different cultures.   Greystone is best described as colorless in appearance. It avoids being described and being noticed. When you look into one you are sure that it's something exeptional and valuable, but it you look away you might forget you even saw one. When touched they feel strangely alive but at the same time cold as death itself. The lumps found in nature are usually smooth, feel much heavier than they look, and are incredibly hard and thus almost impossible to process.  


Somehow the ancients figured out a way of melting the greystone, and casting it into another form, sharp blades that would pierce any armor or shield. But even more, it is said that these blades would cut straight into the soul of the victim, killing the life-force itself. This technology was the cause of great awe but also great terror, and the secret was guarded and known by only a handful of master smiths  


Most of the known greystone blades were made far in the ancient times. The secret of the craft was kept safe but rarely used out of fear. However, when the Black Years' Plague swept over Salan 420-429 AFS, killing nearly a third of the whole population, it is though that the last holders of the secret perished. Since then some curious scholars have been looking into the process again, but the greystone seems to refuse being processed by any normal means.


It is told that many of the Heroes of the ancient times wielded greystone blades, and used them to cast away horrible demons, and even kill gods. At the same time they gained superhuman powers and became half-divine beings. However, they were often driven into maddness or or commiting evil deeds. Some say that they were corrupted by the greystone itself, and that the material holds a terrible spirit of chaos, that only desires to wipe out all life.

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