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Uçinyarr Blade

Uçinyarr, Nem (Faren language): 'Hungy Teeth', is a famous blade made out of Greystone wielded by Farinwél, high commander of the Highlanders. The blade was used during the Giant Wars to kill the Giants, that had been first defeated with the Rope of binding.  


Previously the blade was held by Femur, king of the Stone Giants. It is not known how he came into the possession of it, but it was found on him when he was defeated by the human armies. Most probably one of the Heroes of old, that had tried to infiltrate his city of Bonehold had been carrying it, but he had failed.

Perhaps the other giants' fear of the blade had been one reason behind his long rule. The blade was feared even by the Gods, because when the giants founded Bonehold around the Gates of Waumin, none of the demons of the Underworld dared to challenge him and drive him away.  


Like all items of greystone, the blade has a mind of its own, and its greatest will is to end all life. Its company brought dark thoughts to anyone wielding it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Like all blades of greystone, the blade was able to pierce through any normal armor. But even more frightening was its ability to cut straight into the sould of its victim, and devour the life-force.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Holder
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