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Gates of Waumin

Gates of Waumin are a passege to Waumin, the Underworld, and land of the dead.   The Gates are located deep within the mountains, and were discovered by the Stone Giants when they were digging the foundations of Bonehold into the impenetratable bedrock. Currently the gates are guarded by the giants' fortress, halting anyone trying to get to them.  


It is told that giants penetrated into the waumin and then the waters of the deep poured out, forming Farinos (Silver Stream). It is not known if the Gates were build by the giants after the discovery, or if they already existed and had been built by the Divines.


Passage to the Underworld

Even though many mortals have heard tales of the gates existing, only few Heroes have made the perilous journey to reach them. The stories tell of how they managed to trick the giants to pass through the city, and eventually descend to the monster-filled depths of Waumin.
Parent Location


Waumin is the land of the dead, where the souls of the Faded dead continue their existence. It is believed that the life in the Underworld is much like it is on the earth: the people farm the fields of underworld, feeding the gods. But waumin is also a place of rest to the spirits, place where they can finally forget their earthly existense, and get ready for the rebirth.


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