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Femur ( Nem (Faren language): Darbey) is he king of the Stone Giants of Bonehold, and is the biggest and strongest of them all.  

Construction of Bonehold and the Gates of Waumin

Deep in the Time of Wander Femur led his people to the mountains, and began constructing his great fortress, Bonehold. While the giants were at work, their tunnels lead so deep within the earth, that they dug a hole into the Underworld. The waters of the deep poured out, creating Farinos (Silver Stream). The myths disagree if the giants constructed the Gates of Waumin after the discovery, or if the passage already existed before and was created by the divines themselves.  


After finding the passage to the Underworld, Femur forcefully married Anda Tuim, a goddess that he took hostage from the Underworld. Together they produced the powerful race of the stone giants. The giants controlled a large area of forests and countryside, sending frequent Hunts to raid the early human settlements.   They also posited a guard on the Gates of the Underworld, keeping both the demons in, as well as any mortals from entering the Underworld. Allegedly Femur had come into the possession of a Uçinyarr Blade, a powerful weapon with the power to kill all life, even the divines, which made even the demons terrified of him.  


Femur was one of the Giants that were defeated and killed during the Giant Wars. The Hero Ásinnar traveled to the Underworld to search her father Leitandár (as told in the Ásinnar's Journey to the Underworld). She managed to trick the giants and gain the entrance to the land of the dead. There, for the relase of his father, she promissed to help Ulalte the Lord of Underworld in defeating the giants that were occupying the Gates of Underworld. Ulalte raised a great flood that forced the giants to flee to the plains, where the humans with the help of the gods could defeat them in battle.   After Femur's defeat a Uçinyarr Blade of Greystone was found on him, and this potent artifact was transferred into the possession of Farinwél.
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Founded Settlements
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