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Chains of binding

The Chains of binding were a powerful artifact, that the twins Daursan and Kauteirin used to fight the Giants in the Giant Wars.  


The rope was designed to trick the Giants, that were so superior to the men in technology and strenght, that the men stood no chance against them in combat. The secret of the rope was, that when it was bound around someone, the more the struggled, the tighter it became. The giants, who had incredible power and would never give up a fight, were thus overcome by their own strenght.  


The chains were created by Deremhos Nemar, the greatest smith of his age, under the guidance of Áfawarsal, Goddess of the Highland Men. The rope was discovered, when Daursan approached a highland men's camp, seeking aid for the fight against the giants, but he was coming from the lowlanders, and thus he was attacked by them and bound. Daursan the half-giant was nearly defeated by the curse of the rope when he struggled to get free. But then when he was nearly was near to fainting from the pain and fatigue, he prayed for the help of his human mother Ásinnar, and was able to get free by giving up the fight.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The mechanics of the rope are unknown, but it seems holds powerful magic, that is only accessible to the Gods. The material of the rope is unknown, but it is someting so strong that it cannot be cut by any natural means, nor burned not opened. However, the rope looks unsuspicious, and only has a slight shine to it if looked at carefully.
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