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Daursan the Tall (Nem: Daursan Laume) was an ancient Faren Hero. While both Daursan and his brother Kauteirin are technically half-giants, they are both counted among the Heroes of the human race. He is remembered as a great commander of the Giant Wars and one of the founders of Fares (Silford).  

Personal history


Not much is known of Daursan for sure, but the life of the twins is preserved in countless legends. At first these were preserved as oral stories, but they began to be written down soon after the invention of writing. One of the most popular sources are the epics composed by Ván of Sankai.


Main article: Daursan and Kauteirin

Kauteirin and his brother Daursan were conceived when the Hero Ásinnar lay with Knuckle the Giant. After giving birth she left the baby twins to be raised by an old widow called Sasinfa Grayhair. When the twins grew up to be men, soldiers came to take them to war. Daursan happily agreed, but Kauteirin fled to the mountains.

Daursan was devastated to be away from his brother for the first time, but soon grew to love the war. He had inherited much from his father -even though his giant heritage was then only assumed- and was a fearful sight on the battlefield, being a head taller than other men. He fought with a great axe, and always laughed when he killed.

But once in the heat of the battle he was swept too far from his companions into the enemy lines, and was taken captive. He was taken back to the camp, and was wating for his eventual execution, when a fair maiden came to meet him in the dark of the night. Assuming that one of the wifes or servants had sneaked in to lie with him in secret, he quickly began to tear the clothes off her. Only then he realised, that this maiden was his brother, who had come to help him escape. Kauteirin was living there secretly in the disguise of a woman, and had seen him when he was brought in the camp.

by Unknown artist, Met museum
Daursan and Kauteirin on a ceramic vase. Kauteirin playes the lyre, while Daursan converses with a peasant woman.
  Once the brothers had realised they had been fighting against each other, they managed to convince the commanders of how pointless the fighting in between the men had been. Then they decided to unite the armies against the Giant rulers, who had been demanding the constant war. With the help of the Gods, they finally managed to drive away the giants.


Family Ties

He is the son of the Hero Ásinnar and Knuckle the Giant, and the younger twin brother of Kauteirin the Fair. Ásinnar lay twice with the Giant, in order for her to negociate with a Yánkal the Snake who was corrupting Knuckle, and for both the times Ásinnar later gave birth to one twin. While Kauteirin was eloquent and cunning like their mother, Daursal inherited more from their giant father, being violent and warlike.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
1st of Weilin 60 BFS
Year of Birth
60 BFS
Founded Settlements
Character Portrait image: by Tuisku w Artbreeder


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