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Yánkal the Snake

Yánkal was an age-old demon, who had taken the form of a giant snake. He is best known for his involvement in the The giant and the rainbow snake.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The giant Knuckle wore Yánkal like a belt: the snake hung from the giants large belly limp as if defeated. In the middle he was tied into a large knot.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yánkal was first discovered in a well of a small village, after it had made its nest there, and made a habit out of eating their lifestock. It sneaked out of the well in the under the cover of the darkness, caught a goat out of the herd, and retreated back into its hole to digest the prey. One early morning he was interrupted by a young girl, whose scream alerted the others, who arrived early enough to spot the snake disappearing into the well, although not early enough to save the girl.   The villagers tried scaring Yánkal away with spears, prayers and exorcism, but nothing harmed the snake. Finally they tried breaking the well, but the it was magical, built in the elder days when the magic was stronger, and they could not harm it. Then, exhausted, they though to asking help from Knuckle the Giant, a powerful spirit who lived in the woods nearby. Thus Knuckle arrived, and entered the well to fight with the snake, to find out who of them was stronger. But then Knucke came under the spell of the Snake, and was corrupted by his promises to him. Knuckle then declared that he was the new ruler of the land, and the village was forced to pay harsh tribute to Knuckle, and the Snake as his advisor. Even though Knuckle appeared to be in charge and called the Snake his pet, it was presumable the Snake who was more powerful of the two, and who was behind Knucke's evil deeds.

Finally Hero Ásinnar heard of the bizarre pair, and the harm they had caused to the local people, and decided that he wanted to meet them. She got to dine with them, and guessed first that the cunning snake was the true person in charge. In order to get to speak with the Snake in private, she agreed to lay with the Giant, and once the Giant was defeated and asleep,she asked the Snake why he was held captive by the Giant. The Snake begegd Ásinnar to find him the heb of rebirth, that could make him young again, and could free him from the knot so that he could flee once and for all.   Ásinnar then had to travel to the Garden of the Heavenly Lord to find the herb, but she was not welcommed there, because she had tricked Naralte the Lord of Heaven before. She was however able to get a ride from a pack of swans who liked her singing. When she had got the herb, she travelled back and lay again with the Giant in order to meet the Snake. When she took out the herb and was handing it over to the Snake, the Snake bit his teeth around her wrist, and swallowed both the herb, and Ásinnar's hand in one bite. Then the Snake escaped, and without the Snake Knuckle reverted back into his normal self, and returned to the mountains. It is not known where the Snake went after that, but some claim that the rainbow is the remnant of the skin that he shed as he rejuventated.
black, glowing yellow in the dark
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
stripy, which rainbow-coloured shine


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