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Garden of the Heavenly Lord

The Garden is a region in the heavens, and the home to Narusein the Gardener. The gardens are located in the high heavens, next to the Palace of the Heavenly Lord Naralte, the supreme sky deity. They are consealed so that no mortals, except birds, can ever reach it. The garden is a place of rest, where tired gods, Spirits and heroes can travel in order to rest and seek the wise counsil of Naralte. It is one of the safest regions of the heavens, directly under the gaze and rule of Naralte, and no wild spirits dare to enter into it.  


All the plants that have ever existed on Salan grow in the garden, but the garden is so huge, that only one person, Heavenly Lord's gardener Narusein knows all of them. Narusein travels the gardens all day, and sings the names of all the plants, and in response the plants grow and bloom.   Surrounding the garden there are wild forests that are filled with age-old trees that have grown there ever since the trees were created by the Gods. They are full of wild thorny plants hard to travel unless Naruseiń is there to sing the way through there. On the other hand, the land around the palace of the Heavenly Lord are giant gardens, where all plants grow in neat rows ordered by colour and size, and their beauty is a praise to Naralte.   It is commonly known that the birds can travel to the palace to bring messages to their lord Narusein, but it is debated whether there are any other animals in the garden. It is often claimed that there are none, but on the other hand the forests are described of being stalked by wild beasts, or maybe dangerous wild spirits that have decided to live there instead of the world.  


The Hero Ásinnar once travelled to the garden in order to find the herb of rebirth.


The gardens are also the home of Narusein's children. Astár is the master of all the medicinal plants and herbs, as well as poisons. Leitandár is the patron of all the cultivated plants, especially wine. Every evening Leitandár hosts a great feast, and all the inhabitants of the Garden gather there, and even Naralte himself would join to dine with them. All of the produce of the garden is cooked, the nymphs sing, play and dance.


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