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Spirit beings

Spirits are a collection of different spiritual entites, that have various forms of appearance and powers. The Mortals of Salan often worhip the spirits as gods. Many cultures recognise two different forms of spirit beings, the divine spirits, and the Ancestor Spirits, or the spirits of death mortals. Some other schools of thinking believe that all the spirits are fundamentally the same in nature.

Basic Information


The Spirits are fundamentally immaterial and invisible, but can take bodily forms in order to communicate with the mortals. The exact form of a spirit depends on the type and nature of the spirits. Ancestor Spirits usually prefer forms resembling their appearance when living. Water spirits usually appear as water animals like dolphins, air spirits as birds and forest spirits often as plants.   Some spirits appear freely to mortals, and seem to enjoy seeing their terror and surprise. Some spirits are quite shy, and usually hide from mortals. Faren Spirit ancestors often only appear to close family members, and avoid any strangers.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is unknown if the spirits are capable of reproducing and increasing in numbers, or if thery merely change forms over time. There are however many stories of the spirits reproducing with mortals especially in the old times, and some divines are traditionally understood to be children of other divines.

Ecology and Habitats

Spirits live all over Salan, but some spirits are more drawn to human affected areas such as cities and purposefully built temples, while some are more associated with natural sites such as forests or pools of water.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The spirits don't seem to eat in the human sense, but enjoy being offered food by the mortals.
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