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Herd of the Underworld

Herd of Underworld are powerful demons in the form of giant spiders, that are the workers and guards of the Faren underworld, Waumin. Their main task is to lurk in the dark shadows of the realm, gnaw on the human bones, and spin their silk into the robes of the Dark Lord Ulalte and his demons.  
The spiders encircled her. Their claws tore apart her skin, they spat their venom into her eyes and blinded her, they bound her limbs with their silk, and dragged her in front of the throne of Ulalte.
— Hero Ásinnar meets the Spiders of the Underworld

Basic information


The spiders are huge, the dark bodies towering over humans. They have uncountable legs, sharp mandibles for grinding bones, and viciously glowing eyes that see everything that moves in the fields of bones.

Ecology and Habitats

The demons herd them around the pastures of the deep, like people herd the goats in the overworld, and they graze on the field of bones that lines the bottom of the Abyss.
by Tuisku with Craiyon
Artist's depiction of a humanoid spider demon

Additional Information


The spiders are the herd of Ulalte the Lord of the Underworld. They spin the silk that is used to clothe all the demons of the underworld. They are also guards, that see every movement within the realm, capture any intruders in their webs, and drag them before the Lord of the Underworld.
by Tuisku with Craiyon
A spider demon feasting on the human skulls
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Cultural significance

Spiders are thought to be the messengers of the underworld. They come to observe humans, and can affect the treatment a persons' táldar will receive in the life after the death. Thus spiders are feared but treated respectably.


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Aug 23, 2022 02:01

Nifty concept of underworld messengers and servants. The art in your article is great- it generally conveys a primitive talent impressionism.

Aug 25, 2022 09:02

Thanks, I spent far too much writing time refreshing Craiyon to get something cool out of it XD If you want to create someting in the same style, you can end the prompt with "roman painting". I also used the same to get the character portait of Femur the giant ("giant king portrait roman painting").

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