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The beasts known as dragons are various large snake or reptile-like creatures, possibly from multiple backgrounds. Many of them are known for being wild spirits who have taken an animal form, though possibly some are animals natural to Salan, or animals changed by magical powers.   Known types of dragons:
Mountain dragons of Yamenawa
Desert Dragons of Pillar Mountains
Hunter Birds of Eastern Islands
Yánkal the Snake  

Desert dragons

Desert dragons are small species of dragon living in the harsh desert of Pillar Mountains. They like to nest on top of the rock pillars and cliffs, and ambush any pray animals (or caravans) travelling below. These dragons are not much more than just animals, and even though they are venerated by the local Caač people, they don't usually show a lot of signes of intelligence.  

Mountain dragons

Mountain dragons are large species of dragons living in the highlands of the Serme Mountains. These dragons are venerated by the locals as the gods of the mountain peaks. Some of these dragons have been "tamed" by the human leaders, who show their power by riding them. It would probably be more accurate to call this a close alliance between the dragon spirits and the human leaders.  

Hunter birds

Hunter Birds are the apex predators of the Eastern Islands. These dragons are less like the typical dragons, and look more like large birds. The locals recognise them for malignant wild spirits, and call them the servants of Kuh (god), the god of the hunt and bloodthirst. Even though these spirits are venerated, they are not a central interest in the Zeribian pantheon.
Genetic Ancestor(s)


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