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Kuh (god)

Sama suomeksi täällä   Kuh is the primary war god of the Natives of the Eastern Islands. They are a manifestation of chaos and a causer of plague and natural catastrophies.   The worship of Kuh has gained some recent popularity among the Zeribians too.  


Kuh is a bloodthirsty god who must be kept content by waging war and making sacrifices. Small piercings on ears and nose are pretty common on all natives, but the warriors prove their strenght by taking piercings on lips, tongue or cheeks. The worshipers can also wound themselves to make a blood sacrifies. The primary offering for Kuh, however, is the enemy blood spilled on the battle field.  


Especially the Farens are horrified to hear that the natives practice human sacrifice. The best way for a warrior to prove their worth is taking high-ranking enemy warriors as captives. The most captives will be traded for ransom, some stay as slaves, but on a special occasion they will be sacrificed to calm Kuh's anger. The sacrificed will always be treated with pious respect, and it will also be a question of honour for the sacrificed to face death calmly. The sacrifice will be accompanied by a great feast.

Divine Domains

War and sacrifice

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Divine Classification
Lapis lazuli

Character Portrait image: by Tuisku


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