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Giants are a type of Spirit being, that are the guardians of natural locations and wilderness, such as the forest and the mountains. Giants are an important part of Faren worship, and are especially revered in the countryside and on hunting grounds. It is believed that the giants used to once be numerous, but in the later times they have been only rarely seen by the people.  


The two major groups within the species are the Stone Giants and the forest giants. The forest giants live mostly a solitary life in the woods, while the stone giants inhabit the mountains, living in larger tribes and sometimes even building great cities of stone.  


The physical appearance of the giants varies a lot. They tend to have physical, vaguely humanoid form, although they are taller than humans. Their appearance tends to reflect the nature around them. One patron of a mountain forest, Knuckle, was described to have limbs like tree trunks, skin hairy, dry and hardened like bark, and hair and beard that grew wild like lichen.  

Genetics & Reproduction

It is not known if giants reproduce naturally, but many are known to have produced children with mortals or other divines through sex. A known twin pair of half-giants is described here: Daursan and Kauteirin.
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The Disappearance

It is told, that the race of giants used to be common in the earlier times, but they have since disappeared, and can now only rarely be seen far outside the areas of human influence. Some claim, that the giants have never even existed, despite all evidence left behind them.

A myth, The giant and the rainbow snake , offers a possible explanation to it: The human culture was corruptive to the wild giants. One by one the giants became fond of warm meals, soft beds and drinking, deciding to rather rule over the humans, than to fulfill their true purpose. They became powerful tyrants, and were later killed by the humans, leaving only a few left to wander deep in the wilderness.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Many giants can speak human languages, but they are also known to hum with eachother and the plants in a way that are not understood by humans.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
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Famous individuals
Knuckle the Giant
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Statues of the Giants carved in the face of the hills are commonly seen in the western parts of the Continent, near Arensande (Redhill). It is believed that these statues represent the giant tyrants that used to rule the local people a long time ago.


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