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Arensande (Redhill)

Arensande is a city state in the western Faren lowlands. They were supporters of the Zeribian revolution, because they were benefitting from the trade with the Eastern Islands.   Arensande is an age-old adversary of the Republic of West Island, and thus Arensandians are negatively stereotypisized by the most West Islanders. They are typically said to be friendly with smugglers and outlaws (because many West Islanders who are in close contact with them are either of those). Arensande is also known for being a city, where many adventurous mainland Farens come to enjoy the sea and forests during the hot summer months, and do pilgrimage to the ruined statues.  


Arensande is a republic, lead by two kings that are chosen by vote for three year terms.  


The area around Arensande is famous for the mysterious giant stone statues left behind by giants, that used to live in the area before the people arrived. Many statues stand loomingly staring to the sea in the hills near the city. The city itself doens't have many remains of the previous giant culture, despite being founded on the remains of the city. Some remains are sometimes unearthed during construction work, and a few remarkable smaller artifacts are erected around the city.    


The culture of Arensande is an example of Western-Peripheral Faren culture. It is also influenced by the Sadinians, a non-Faren people living on the highlands further to the mainland. Arensandian culture is fairly similar to the culture of the West Island, though many founders of the island nation brough with them customs that represent more closely the central Faren culture.   Arensandinian cuisine is known for aisindar gú, or bloodfoot a type of delicious mushrooms not found in the central Faren areas. The mushrooms are named after the red tint they gain when cut. The mushrooms are usually dried for export, and either rehydrated or used as powder to spice food.
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