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Senate House of Silford

The Senate house is the gathering place of the Senate of Silford, the governing organisation of the City State is the central feature of Silford. It stands in the main square of the city, right next to the grand library.   The Senate is located in the spot, where the twins Daursan and Kauteirin are said to have founded the city. Thus it is the oldest and one of the most holy places of the city.


Senate is where the senators, the elected governors of the city state decide all the practical matters of the city state.  


The senate is a large rectangular building. The outside is decorated with statues of the city state's most notable and beloved leaders. The main feature of the inside is a large hall, where the senators convey to debate the matters of the city state. The hall is decorated by huge frescos of mythological and historical topics. The other rooms and the surrounding buildings offer more room for the lawmakers for debates, planning and negociating in smaller groups. The square in front of the building is where citizens can gather to address the senate, and where voting is arranged.  


The original senate building of an unknown location is though to have been destroyed in 290's AFS. It was replaced by a new building in the current location. This again was damaged by a fire in 422, and replaced by this new and grander buiding. At the time of it's construction the senate represented the peak of the Silfordian architectural skills, which were all dedicated to celebrate the democracy as the heart of the state.
by Hendrik van Cleve (16th century)
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