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Senate of Silford

One of the most powerful organisations on the world, the Senate is the governing organisation of the city state of Silford. The senate handles the practical decisions, legislation and external relations of the city state, with the help of the other officials of the government.  


The Senate consists of senators, that are voted for by the citizens. At any one time there are 250 senators, coming 125 from the wealthiest classes, and 125 of the common people.

The senatorial positions come in various lenghts, from two year terms to life. Senators are elected by the public vote from the citizens , but there are often specific requirements of who can stand for vote.  


Senators are among the wealthiest and most respected citizens of the city. Senators usually come from senatorial families, that train their descendants from a young age in politics. Even though the senatorial positions are limited in lenght, it is common that the same people spend their whole career in the city politics.  


The senate has for many times been accused of being an oligarchical system, not truely representing the inhabitants of the city state, but just the wealthiest classes. The accusations have sometimes lead to popular uprisings, or been resolved by exiling of the unfair senators from the state.
Geopolitical, City council
Parent Organization

The Senate House

by Hendrik van Cleve (16th century)
The senate convenes regularly in the Senate House, located right in the center of the city. The senate represents the peak of the Silfordan architectural skills, and its grandness celebrates the long-lasting democracy, which the Silfordans are very proud of.


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