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Citizen of Silford

Citizens of the city state of Silford are the inhabitants of the city, that are able to participate in the politics, and that the state has the responsibility to care for.   The citizens of Silford are usually very well respected all over the Faren lands, and the citizenship guarantees friendly treatment in many foreign cities.  


Only roughly a third of the city's inhabitants are citizens. Others include foreigners from all the lands of Salan, as well as slaves. By far the most citizens are ethnic Farens. Foreign ethnicities, such as Zeribians are largely prevented from gaining the citizenship. Because of this, there is a large population of Boat-Dwellers of the Silver Stream, Zeribian fishermen and traders, who live around the settlement without a permanent status or a residense.  


The citizens form the district counsils and the city counsil. Each residential area has a district counsil, where the inhabitants vote themselves leaders, and vote about the local matters. The leaders of the district cousils vote for leaders of the city council. the system is veigted to favour the wealthy citizens because there are less inhabitants per counsilor on the rich districts, and only a few counsilors from the poor areas.


Citizenship of Silford is gained by all lawful children of the city state. Alternatively, citizenship can be gained later in life. Usually a new citizen needs to have a permanent residense in the city, and significant wealth to prove useful for the state. This process is much easier for those, who already have a citizenship from another comparable Faren city state.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The citizenship can be rebuked based on a vote of the senate, this is usually only ordered for serious criminals and traitors.
Civic, Citizenship
Alternative Naming
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