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Fares (Silford)

Silford is the currently largest city on Southern Continent, and the main Faren settlement. It is located near the mouth of the Silver Stream.


About one third of the inhabitants are citizens. The most of the population are slaves, low class people or foreigners. In addition to the population, there's a high number of Zeribian traders and fishermen in the city at all times. Some of the fishermen are forced to live on their boats without a permanent residence.

To become a citizen, a person needs to have a permanent residence in the city for some time, have work and a decent amount of wealth. Getting the citizenship is relatively easy compared to many cities.


Silverford is run by a senate formed from citizens.   Each district of the city has a district council that organises local matters. Usually only experienced members of district council can become senators.

Industry & Trade

Silford is a center of trade. The Silver Stream connects it to the settlements upstream and the mines on the Serme Mountains. Sea trade routes lead to Der Fem Island and Eastern Islands.


Aqueducts provide a constant flow of fresh water for the inhabitants and an elaborate sewer system is used to lead out the waste.


Silfrord is an ancient city with the history leading back to near the invention of writing. Many of the Faren colonisers of West Island came from Silford. Later the relations between Silford and the government of the New Tower became hostile. One of the main reasons for the collapse of Faren rule on Der Fem was that the Silfordans refused to help suppress the Zeribian Revolution of 800AH


Most people travel to the city to trade or in search of work. The city has stores selling everything one could imagine. The old buildings in the city center are a sight to see, but many, such as the best bath houses can only be visited by a wealthy visitor.


Silford is centered around the senate building. The residents of low class people are located on the lowlands around the river near the port. The wealthy middle class lives on the hills and in the city center close to the senate. The rich have their main residences on the coutryside upstream or by the sea to avoid pollution.Thousands of poor and slave work the fields surrounding the city.

The buildings of the city are mostly of brick and stone, because the countryside is mostly cleared of forests. The poor people live in about three-storied apartment buildings. The wealthy families have houses with inner yards.


Silford is located by the Silver Stream.
by Truman Seymour (1875)
400BH (according to the tradition)
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
In the Nem language: Fares
Large city
1 000 000
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Included Locations
Owning Organization

  • 599 BFS

    The Founding of Silford

    The founding of Silford, according to the tradition.

    Additional timelines
  • 0 BFS

    The invention of writing

    Writing is invented at Silford The known history begins.   Kirjoitustaito keksitään Länsimantereella. Säilynyt historiankirjoitus alkaa.

    Additional timelines
  • 494 AFS

    Founding of Republic of West Island

    A lot of people move from Silford to the island to found the new republic.

  • 621 AFS


    Black years' plague hits Silford
    Plague / Epidemic

  • 800 AFS

    819 AFS

    The Revolution of Der Fem

    The Revolution of Der Fem rages and many Fareans flee to the mainland. The revolution ends by the Farean leadership being exiled. They were not in great relationship with Silford, and are not welcommed to the city.


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