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The aisindar gú, Nem (Faren language) for 'bloodfoot mushroom' is a species of edible mushrooms living in the hilly region surrounding Arensande.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The bloodfoot mushrooms are mid-sized shrooms that have a orange-brown cap and a lighter foot. The distinctive characteristic is that the cut sufaces develop a bright red colouring, like the mushroom was bleeding. In about an hour the red colour will turn to dull pinkish tint on the light-brown flesh.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The bloodfoots are excelent edible mushrooms. They are not poisonous even raw, but can cause an upset stomack. The recommended mode of cooking is to fry the mushrooms lightly. The most delicate pieces of the cap can be eaten on its own with a bread, but it is popularly eaten in a rice porrage or stew. The cooked mushrooms have a delicate light pink colour and flowery taste   The mushroom is also commonly exported to the central region. For exportation the mushrooms are usually dried and then rehydrated at the destination. Sometimes more rare batches are exported fresh, straight to the buyers from the other city states.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The bloodfoots grow exclusively in the hilly western region of the Southern Continent, and are not found in the central plains. The shrooms are found within the pine forests, but seem to prefer well-lit areas and rocky terrain. The shrooms are especially plentiful near the old ruined cities, statues and structures of the Giant Statue Cult, where they hide among the crumbling rocks. The common belief is, that the giants had some kind of a connecion to the shrooms, and some even, that the giants have themselves turned into the mushrooms instead of disappearing.
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