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Giant Statue Cult

Giant statue cult is a supposed that is believed to have worshipped the Giants as their divines. It is believed, that this group also left behind the giant statues that are found plentifully in the region around Arensande (Redhill), although no clear connection between the statues and the people known form the myths of that era can be established. The original name or the practices of the religion are mostly unknown.  

Stone giants

The still visible mark of the cult are the huge humanoid statues that they carved in the stone cliffs on the mountain sides. These statues were often placed looming over the giants' towns, and are nowadays useful for locating the abandoned settlements covered by the forest.   The giant statues are though to be representing the Giants as the divines of the cult. Some of the statues are still frequented as pilgrimage sites.


The giants ruled the western parts of the continent before the people arrived there. At the time of the Founding of Silford (0SFS) the most of their sites had already been abandoned. Many newly arrived people settled in and built their sities on tp of the crumbing stone fortresses.
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The giants

  The giants were a race of demigods that are often depicted in the Faren stories of the Time of Wander. The giants were mostly living their own life apart form mortals, but they sometimes became powerful yet cruel leaders of the people (see for example The giant and the rainbow snake). The giants are still said to wander in the mountains but they are rarely seen.


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