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Stone Lords

The Stone Lords were the great leaders of the Stone Giants, mighty and ancient members of their race.   The Stone Lords are mentioned in many myths of the Time of Wander, during the era when most of the humans were living under the rule of the giants. However, it seems that the term was only sometimes used to refer to the the great council specifically, and often meaning the giant race in general.  

Great council

It seems that the Stone Lords formed a council of sort, that met to discuss the matters conserning their race. They are known to have shared intelligence with each other, and done military cooperation. Perhaps there was also a unified judicial system, or common foreign policy to some extend.   It is not known how many Lords there were at any one time, or how they were chosen, but because the individual giant cities are known to have been ruled by kings, it has been suggested that the counsil was probably formed of the kings of the individual giant kingdoms. This would mean, that the cities formed a federation of some kind.  

Seat of power

It is told that the Stone Lords often met in the Royal Chamber of Stonelords' Throne, the major city of the northern region of the Serme Mountains. Perhaps it can be considered the true capital of the Stone Giant federation. Many tunnels ran deep under the Throne, apparently connecting it to the other major cities, thus offering the giants a safe and secret underground passage between the cities.
by Tuisku with Craiyon
Femur, king of Bonehold.
Possibly one of the Stone Lords
Dissolution Date
c. 0 AFS
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
Nem: Kayalten, Kaiyain
Government System
Power Structure
Official State Religion
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