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Artana is the second largest city in Farensal and known as the age-old rival of Silford. Artana is said to produce the best wine in the world, thank to the blessings of Leitandár on the land, but all the winemakers from Silford) disagree with that harsly.

Artana is probably the oldest proper city of Farensal. According to the tradition, it was founded by Kaminbanda, one of the refugees of the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne and a Holder of a Skysword, c. 200 BFS  


Artana is a walled settlement, located protected on the hillside by River Yeirinos, near to the crossing where it joins River Farinos. The hills form a natural protection from enemies, and it is said that the city has never been raided.

Fountains from the nearby hills feed aqueducts, that serve the city with clean water and drainage, and help to water the fields surrounding the area. The hills also have forests, that serve as hunting grounds.

Trade and industry

Artana is located on a traditional trade route between the Yamenawa mountains and the heartlands of the Farensal. The hills around Artana were an important source of copper in the early settlement period, but later the industry has shifted into refinement. Artana produces typical lowland agricultural products, like wheat, wine, dates and fruit.  

Cult site

the Caves of Leitandár, a cult side of Leitandár, the guardian of winemaking, is located near the city. The main attraction is a temple, built in an old sinkhole cave. This cult site is tought to be ancient, and is visited by pilgrims from all over the Farensal. The site is a great source of income to the city state, in the form of pilgrims, gift and tribute brought in by other city states.   Artana is known for it's patronage of the arts, especially in the second period of flourishing. Artana is also known for being the home state of Ván of Sankai, a great musician.
Founding Date
c. 200 BFS
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