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Leitandár is the guardian spirit of winemaking. He gives his protection for the vineyards to give a good produce, to all the producers of wine, as well as all the drinkers so that the drinking is safe. All these are aspects that are vital to the Faren daily life.  


As is the ancient Faren custom, the divine is never refered to by a proper name, by the fear of summoning him. Many names are used, but the most well known used here is derived from Nem leite 'happy'. This refers to the wine's ability to make its consumers merry.

Leitandár is associated with the Zeribian god Usahdeg. Both of them are acricultural deities, that are thought to have played part in teaching acriculture to men. Usahdeg is also the patron of sahfyl, an important alcoholic drink in the Zeribian culture.


It is told that Leitandár lives in the Garden of the Heavenly Lord. During the day he helps to tend the garden with his father the gardener Narusein. During the evening he holds a great feast for all the gods, and pours the wine for them to drink.

During the winter Leitandár is forced to descent to the underworld, Waumin. There he brews a dark beer for Ulalte, the lord of the Dead, and all the demons of the underworld.

Creation of Salan

Leitandár is also told to have played an important part during the creation of Salan. He ploughed the hard and lifeless stones of the world into a smooth soil. Then he traveled around the new earth, and whever he stepped, there shrubs would sprout, and where he hit with his staff, there a great tree would grow, and where he laid to rest, there would spread grassy plains. Later he taught the secrets of acriculture to the humans.

Family relations

Leitandár is attributed for fathering many children, and often engaging in relations with mortals, other divines and spirits alike. He is the father of the nymphs, the generally benevolent spirits of nature. He is also the father of the famous Hero Ásinnár.

Leitandár's father is Naruseiń, the Gardener of Heavens, from whom he inherited the knowledge of plants.  

Cult sites

The main cult site of Leitendár is the Caves of Leitandár in Artana. According to a common belief Artana makes the best wine in all the plains, and the success is attributed to the blessing of the divine.




Towards Leitandár



Towards Çamai

Çamai (spouse)
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