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Cult of Leitandár

Leitandár, 'the happy man', is the guardian spirit of winemaking. He gives his protection to the vineyards to give a good produce, to all the producers of wine, as well as all the drinkers so that the drinking is safe, all aspects that are vital to the Faren daily life.  


As is the ancient Faren custom, the divine is never refered to by a proper name, by the fear of summoning him. Many names are used, but the most well known used here is derived from Nem leite 'happy'. This refers to the wine's ability to make its consumers merry.  

Cult sites

The main cult site of Leitendár is the Caves of Leitandár in Artana. According to a common belief Artana makes the best wine in all the plains, and the success is attributed to the blessing of the divine.

Mythology & Lore

It is told that Leitendár, being the jester as he is, stole the wine from the Garden of the Heavenly Lord, a heavenly garden where all the species of plants have been stored since the creation. He then brought it to the mankind, so that the people could make him wine that he so enjoyed. Leitendár is also a protector of human culture, who can help to resist the drunkenness, that threatens to turn the people back into wild animals.


It is customary to make a libation to Leitendár when drinking wine.
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