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Caves of Leitandár

The Caves are a cult site of Leitandár the guardian of winemaking, located near Artana. The site consists of a network of ancient natural caves leading deep into the mountains, that have been inhabited by people from the times unknown.   The main attraction is a temple, built in a cave. This cult site is tought to be ancient, although the decorations have been added to constantly, and it is visited by pilgrims from all over the Faren Lowlands. The site is a great source of income to the city state, in the form of pilgrims, gift and tribute brought in by other city states.  
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The shrine is built inside a natural cave, in the hills near Artana. Near the entrance is the main shrine, decorated spectacularly with floral motivates. The main shrine is connected to a number of smaller natural caves.  


During the Silford-Artana war of 290's AFS the caves were used for safekeeping the Artanan records, to keep them from destruction in the sacking of the city. These preserved scrolls were found, when an escaped Silfordan slave was seeking shelter in the deeper parts of the cave, and stumbled on the archive. After their discovery, the scrolls were seized, and taken by the army back to Silford. These scrolls formed one of the oldest writings in the newly established grand library.
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Leitandár is the Faren god of winemaking, but he is also one of the most popular divines in general. He is seen as the protector of the human culture and all of the values that ceparate humans from the animal and spirit kind. This reflects the cultural importance of wine, which is mainly produced by the Farens, while the surrounding ethnicities traditionally prefer other beverages, such as beer and sahfyl.

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