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Ulalte or Ulalgár Nem (Faren language): 'Dark Lord' or Silnnit alte 'Lord of Night' is one of the primal beings and most powerful divines of the Faren pantheon.



Ulalte was one of the three gods that came to existanse in the beginning: the Sun, the Silver moon and the Red Moon. The Sun became jealous of his two brothers, wanting to be the sovereign ruler of the world. Thus he decided to murder his brothers by melting them with his heat. When the Silver Moon melted, it became water which reigned on Salan, and when the Red Moon melted, it became blood. The two liquids mixed with the soil, creating life.

The two Moon Brothers were forced to forever avoid the day. The Silver Moon became the Lord of the Night and the Land of the Dead, Waumin. The Red Moon became the Lord of Secret Powers, the patron of magic  

Ásinnar's journey to the Underworld

In Ásinnar's Journey to the Underworld, he is the ruler of the Underworld, who confronts the hero through his demons during the journey, and whom Ásinnar finally meets on his throne. Ásinnar survives his deathly gaze, because she was blinded by the demons, and could not see him.  


Ulalte rules over Waumin, the underground land of the dead, where the spirits rest and wait for rebirth.  


Ulalte is feared by the mortals. His name is rarely said out loud, and there are not many that dare to address him directly through a ritual.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Like all other primal gods, Ulalte is apathetic towards mortals. His subjects are the dead spirits, that serve him and worship him like the living worship his brother Naralte. More active are his demons, that sometimes travel on earth to cause illness, death and insanity.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

When in humanoid form, Ulalte is described as an age-old man, clothed in black or the deep dark blue of the primordial waters. His skin is the blueish pale tone of the dead. No mortal could look into his eyes and live, for he is the death himself.




Towards Arnalte



Towards Ulalte

Arnalte (spouse)
Ruled Locations


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