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Red Moon

The Red Moon is the smaller and dimmer moon of the two moons of Salan. The red moon is only about one fourth of the Silver Moon in apparent size, and gives a dim red light. During the days and in the nights that the Silver Moon is at it's largest phase, the Red Moon is hard to detect.   The Moon has magical properties. During the nights when the phase of the Red Moon is larger than the phase of the larger Silver Moon, the magical powers of both gods and mortals on Salan grow stronger. The effects are particulary strong in the rare case that the visible area of the Red Moon is larger.   Following and predicting the phases of the moons is vitally important for the mortals, so astrology is a very important profession. While the larger Silver Moon is usually the bases for the main calendars of Salan, the Red Moon is more important for the ritual life.    

Connected myths

According to one of the myths desribing early days of Salan, the sun once became so hot that it started melting the two moons. The Silver moon fell down as the rain and produced the seas of Salan, while the Red Moon rained blood, which created the life. This is why the moon is connected to the magical capabilities of all creatures, and why many believe that blood must be offered and thus returned to the moon.
Type Moon
Rotational period 44 days
color Dim red
The name of the Moon in Nem Ressalit is Arinsér 'the Red Illuminator'. Nem does not have a separate name for a moon, but uses the same term for all the three main lights of the sky.

This is my submission for Summer Camp 2020 prompt "Decribe an important celestial body or constellation in your world."


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