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Melem (Nem for 'dreadful') was the father of all Giants. According to the Faren mythology, he was the first created lifeform.  

Physical condition

It is said that Melem was born so close to the Creation, that he was almost a god. He was tall like a mountain, and made of pure rock. Unlike the giants of the later times his mind was not filled with anger and greed, but just a great sadness of being alone in the empty world.  

Personal history

Melem created the race of the giants, by hatching two stones, that became the father of the forest giants and the Stone Giants. On Melem's days the gods were still satisfied with the giants as their first creation, but soon a war broke out between Melem's sons, and their fighting threatened to break the whole earth and undo the creation. Then the gods regretted creating something so strong, and went on to hunt the giants, trying to wipe them all out. The gods didn't succeed in killing all the giants, but presumably they managed to kill Melem, because he is never mentioned in the myths of the later ages.  

Creation of the Giants

In the beginning of time Salan (World) was covered by a great sea, that had formed from the two Moon Brothers Arnalte and Ulalte, having been melted by the Sun God Naralte. Slowly the sea lowered, and an island formed in the middle. When the Sea and the soil mixed, Melem, the first of creation was formed. When he was created all the world was still lifeless, and there was nothing more for him to eat, than the stones of the shore. This is why the Giants of our age can still get their nourishment straight from the stones of the ground.

Melem was the strongest of the giants, almost a god, but it soon became lonely because there was no one to keep him company. He was staring into the endless waves in sadness, when two smooth stones rolled out of the sea. Melem took the eggs, and sat on them for a week, and then two mighty children hatched from the stones.

When the children had grown up to be big like mountains, gods sent Leitandár the sower on the Lands. Where ever he walked plants of all kinds sprung from the ground, and soon all world was like a lush forest. The giants made this forest their home. However, one of the plants grew and grew, and became a gigantic tree, and it's branches covered all the others in shade. The Gods tried to fell the tree, but none of them were powerful enough, so they asked the help of the giants, who were the largest of all the creation. The first son refused, for he was a friend of the trees, but the second agreed. He took a big stone axe, and cut down the tree. This broke out a war between the two sons. They became the fathers of the forest giants and the Stone Giants, and the two races have hated each other ever since.


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