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Forest giants

Forest giants are guardian spirits of the nature, protectors of the forests and wildlife. They are part of the race of Giants. They love all the living things of Salan, unlike their cousins the Stone Giants, whose heart only warms to Salan itself, the lifeless bones of the world.

Basic Information


Like all Giants, forest giants are taller than men, ranging from one-and-half as big to tall as a tree. All forest giants look different, but their form tends to reflect the nature around them, often resembling their beloved trees in many ways. Their skin is hard and rough like made out of bark, their strong limbs are long like branches, and lichen and shrubs grow wild on their bodies. Some of them look much like trees, others have more human faces and appearance.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is not known how the giants reproduce naturally, or if they can reproduce among themselves. However they are known to enjoy sex with humans, and are known to have produced offspring with them. Most famously the Heroes Daursan and Kauteirin were fathered by Knuckle the Giant.

Ecology and Habitats

Forest giants are the guardians of the forest, who protect the balance of their land, especially against the humans, and their more industrius cousins, the stone giants. They also hunt to keep the animal species in balance. Giants can inhabit all types of natural environments on land, however the humans have driven them into extinction in all places, except the most remote woodlands.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It is not known if the giants need to eat for survival, but they anjoy hunting for sport (including hunting humans), and eagerly eat human food when offered some. They also enjoy alcohol, drinking it in huge quantities and becoming drunk much like humans.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The forest giants live mostly solitary life, unlike their cousins the Stone Giants, who build great cities. Each giant protects their own territory, but they are known to meet each other on occasion and cooperate, even forming lasting alliances.

Average Intelligence

Forest giants are sentient, but not particularly smart. They are known to have a childish mind, often jumping into simple conclusions and getting tricked by humans.
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