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Tunnels of the Stone Giants

The Stone Giants carved their kingdoms into the Serme Mountains during centuries, and their mining operations have left behind a winding tunnel network, possibly spanning the whole mountain range.  


The giants were only rarely seen on the surface, and thus it's proposed that the giants used these tunnels to communicate, and travel between their cities in secret even from the gods.

The tunnels could be used to transmit messages quicky and in secret, which was probably necessary for enabling the giants to have a single ruling body, the Stone Lords, over all their isolated kingdoms.

The tunnels were used for transporting the crude materials found in their deep mines to refinement sites located right under their cities. The most unfortunate of their human slaves worked deep in the tunnels and mines, and never saw the light of day, while the more prestigious manned the cities high in the mountains, in turn providing food and supplies that would be sent back through the tunnels.  

In mythology

Ásinnar's Journey to the Underworld tells of her travels in the tunnel network under Bonehold. It is told that the tunnels reached so deep, that they created a passage to the Underworld, which she used to save her father Leitandár from the land of the dead.

During the Great Slave Rebellion of Stonelords' Throne, Undinselwin tried to follow the fleeing giants into their tunnel network, but it is believed that he died there, either never again finding the way out, or was defeated by the giants. However, many subsequent legends tell of his imagined adventures under the mountains, and all the wonders and terrors he saw there.  


Once the numbers of the giants dwindled, the knowledge of the tunnel network was lost. While it's probable that many of the tunnels have been destroyed since, the network might still remain unknown under the mountains.
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