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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a system to send messages between distant places
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Mothership Satellite Network

Military Issued communication Technology.

Voices in the Ether: The Arcane and the Primal in Inter-Guild Communications in Stellara - A Study of Cryptic Tongues and Ethereal Echoes

The Crystal Communication System

Caral Long Sparrow Messaging Network

Long-Distance Communication Systems

Vehn'garane Phasarium communication

How to convince a flower to carry a message for you

Operative Communication Network

Dusumol-Felskasmes Saz̧fosoktur 'DFS'

Solidrium Enhanced Radio or SER

The Galactic Network System

Long-distance Communication

Limani Supplies Dealer Messaging System

Radio Fréquentielle Magitech

Improbable Distances Relay and Communications Satellites

Spee & D Courier Service, Inc.

Tunnels of the Stone Giants

Jump Sync Communications Network

SC.2023.32 Silk Express Road

Commlink Intrasystem Booster Array

Protectorate Stellar Telegraphy Network

Maynard-Stanway Mail Distributing System

High Particle Communications Systems