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Starwind Scrolls

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Are you tired of waiting weeks for your message to reach loved ones across vast lands? Ever wanted to connect with old friends on distant continents in the blink of an eye? Look no further! Embrace the marvel of the Starwind Scrolls and join the revolution of communication all across the globe!
Coddic, inventor of the Starwind Scroll
  Starwind Scrolls were developed by Coddic in Mora in the year 759 and revolutionized communication across the globe. They allow individuals - even those without magical talent or knowhow - to instantly communicate across nearly unlimited distances.  


Instruction Manual:
  1. Open the outer hull of the scroll and remove the paper stored within
  2. Write down your message onto the paper
  3. Insert the paper back into the scroll and make sure the container is closed properly.
    Warning: Not properly sealed containers might lead to the loss of the message
  4. Note down the recipient on the outside of the scroll in as much detail as possible. You can note down either a person, a location or both. The more information you provide, the higher the accuracy of the magic.
  5. Twist the scroll in the center. If you have done everything correctly, the scroll will be engulfed by blue flames and turn into dust.
  6. A couple minutes later, the scroll will appear next to the recipient. After this, the magic within the scroll is depleted and can't be used again.
  • A personal connection to the recipient is highly recommended to enhance accuracy during the delivery process.
  • Starwind Scrolls can neither be used from, nor arrive in a dead magic zone, or an area surrounded by at least one inch of metal.
  • Communication to other planes is possible, but greatly reduces accuracy and reliability

History & Development

Coddic developed the first prototype of far distance communication in the year 742 in Mora. This first version still needed a big magitech apparatus to deliver the message. These scrolls were highly volatile and inaccurate. Less than 10% of messages arrived near the intended recipient - at least within a city block.   Over the next decade Coddic improved the design of the scroll and apparatus and ultimately reached a reliability of over 95% and an accuracy of a couple meters. This was a huge improvement to traditional communication via horse, ship or spell, and Coddic sold his technology to organisations and countries all across Teldora.   Convinced that he could improve his design even further, he spent another 7 years of research and development. Ultimately, he could eliminate the need of an external machine completely, imbuing the entire magic into the scroll itself.   When he died in the late 790s, his last will explained the details of the technology and made his entire research publicly available. Countless enchanters and tinkerers all over the world learned how to create these scrolls and today you can acquire a Starwind Scroll nearly everywhere.
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Starwind Scrolls by Satrium with MidJourney
about 2 GP per scroll

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Jul 28, 2023 00:33 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a fun technology. I like that there's space for mishaps. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jul 28, 2023 15:57

Nothing is perfect and mishaps are always possible, sometimes people even tell you about them!   Thanks for your comment!

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Jul 29, 2023 12:55 by Rin Garnett

These are so cool! I can just imagine the effects this would have in society. Traditionalists hating these new-fangled scrolls, with youth these days not valuing patience. Rich people insisting all communication must be done with starwind scrolls. Someone broadcasting their wealth by sending hundreds of wedding invitations via scroll, but half of them aren't received because they lacked a personal connection to the recipient (they try to sue the salesman, but get publicly called out as a ton of wedding invites are found in random locations). A disorganized person receiving a very important scroll and just not noticing it among the clutter.

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Thank you!   I haven't quite touched on all the aspects of change this would have on society, because of course there would be quite a lot. Those are some really nice ideas, definetly will have to incorporate them into my world.   And the disorganized person loosing the scroll somewhere? Yeah that could be me :D

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