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If I ever manage to achieve even half of what he did, I'll be more than happy. He laid the groundwork for so many things we take for granted today.
Talmi - Tinkerer from Okodranous
  Coddic was one of the smartest Tinkerers of his time and developed countless technologies that became the ground work for magitech and steam powered constructs. He was born as the son of a simple smithy in Mora and learned the craft from his father. With just 25 years he joined the Academy of Arcane Arts. After only two years he left the school again, wanting to focus more on practical experimentation that theoretical knowledge.   He took over his father's smithy and quickly started to experiment with different materials and technologies, enhancing his creation far beyond anything thought possible at that time.  


Coddic is the father of modern technology, magetech and steam powered constructs. He discovered and developed countless technologies and materials crucial in today's society. In his will, he published all his research and technology, making it available to everybody.  

For centuries - ever since the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon vanished - the only way to procure Adamantine was through smelting and reforging old weapons and armors left behind by the Empire. Coddic managed to rediscover the process of creating this material, and it became the basis of his further research and creations.

Magamantine Cores

This is considered his greatest achievement, and the biggest technological breakthrough of this era. Coddic managed to use adamantine to create a source of nearly endless mechanical potential. Magamentine Cores gather the ever present arcane energy around them, and transform it into mechanical energy, allowing them to power all kinds of constructs. This technology enables the creation of mobile and highly efficient machinery, which is used all over the world today.

Starwind Scrolls allow easy and nearly instant communication across vast distances and without any arcane knowledge. This revolutionized communication, and these scrolls are used all over the world now.

Steam Engine

The first iteration of Magamentine Cores used heat instead of magic as its source of energy. Even if Coddic quickly discarded this idea, many other Tinkerer's realized the potential in this rather simple technology.

Mora's Sentinels

The first constructs powered by Magamentine Cores were built by Coddic himself. Three huge humanoid constructs, powerful enough to defeat entire armies by themselves. Today these constructs are still protecting the city of Mora



I've met Coddic once. Just wanted to exchange some knowledge, expand both our horizons. Just a friendly discussion between peers. While it was an incredibly interesting conversations, there was something of. It felt like he only shared just enough knowledge to make it seem like he is cooperating, but ultimately, once I returned home, I realized that non of the informations he shared helped me to really understand what he was creating.
Vyetar Mizga - Enchanter in Kamorda
  Not everybody believes that Coddic was the mastermind behind all his discoveries and achievements. Even during his lifetime there were countless disagreements between him, his colleagues and even his apprentices. While it is undeniable that Coddic was one of the smartest persons alive at the time, these disagreements led some to believe that Coddic only took credit for the work of his peers and apprentices.
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29 Jul, 2023 11:33

Ooo controversy.   I like that he left the school because they weren't really providing the practical knowledge like he wanted. His achievements are certainly varied! (I *hope* they are his...)

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Yes, controversy! His achievements are very varied, maybe a bit to varied to be all achieved by the same person?   Thanks for the comment!

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A really interesting approach to portraying a famous and important person. But aren't there also real universal geniuses who were ahead of their time and accomplished so many different things that one could assume that others had done it? I find it funny that the picture is reminiscent of Einstein, who also did not pass school with honors and who is said to have ADHD. AD(H)D enables people to achieve great things in their true calling. Back to the article, in addition to the nice short text that gets to the point, I particularly like that the picture of the inventor does not scroll out of the reader's perspective during the entire reading process, which again supports the essentiality of the article. Very beautiful and well made.

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There are people who could have achieved all of that for sure. That's the main reason why most people believe that Coddic was this genius.   I didn't even consciously think about Einstein while writing this, but I do see the similarities now after you've mentioned it. It's probably quite a good analogy to be honest.   Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked it!

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Nice work! I loved learning about the creator of Starwind Scrolls, which I remember you talking about on either my stream or some other stream (or maybe the Discord).

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Thank you! and yes, the ideas of the Starwind Scrolls where born somewhere in your presence (I'm not even sure myself anymore :D ) so thank you for that as well!

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