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The Balefires of Narzuvim

I heard of these large pyres that Nekuram has along their vast kingdom to call together the country in times of crisis. I wonder if it has ever been used, for what crisis has Nekuram faced to need such a system?
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
Nekuram has been at war for a thousand years without ever using the Balefires of Narzuvim that are dotted across the mountains and hills. While they have not been used for so long, they were once frequently lit during a time period called The Tumult and later as Nekuram have never been a country and state that has remained without its internal conflicts. Those who stand ready, however, have done so for generations to keep Nekuram safe for when dangerous times arise.

Implement and utility

The need for a system to call or warn the people of Nekuram was what created the system. Conflicts appeared more often in the past than in present history as Nekuram faced outside threats with their own Demonkind. The balefires were much closer together back then, using strategic locations so as many could see them as possible to prepare themselves. During The Tumult when they were first built, balefires were also burnt in different colours to indicate what the threat was. This was done with the use of different crystals and materials that were burnt into the fire.
Later on, as Nekuram grew its border the balefires became more spread out. During Succubus Wars, the balefires were fiercely protected by appointed guardsmen to prevent succubi from hindering the ignition of the balefires. The colouring of the fires also died out late this time period as Nekuram were less and less in multiple conflicts with their neighbours or internal large-scale enemies. As also a more professional defence force started to grow out from these times, the need for the balefires lessened.
By the time Nekuram had united all of Narzuvim, the balefires had stood long extinguished but locations for them were still built. Personnel are still assigned to them, though many are managed by each region's leadership, which some have even deligated further down to neighbouring villages.

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