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You know those towers standin' tall in the Burger Plains? They used to be for spotting whales, but now it's all about bacon-infused smoke signals! And you know what they say; everything's better with bacon!
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

The Bacon Smoke Signals, a unique and time-honored communication method of the Burger Plains, have stood the test of time as a vital means of sending messages across vast distances. In ancient times, before the advent of modern technology, the people of the Burger Plains devised a brilliant way to communicate with distant communities and allies. The Bacon Smoke Signals involve the collection of flavorful bacon grease and its clever utilization in transmitting important messages through billowing columns of savory smoke.


Smoked Out

Collecting the key ingredient, bacon grease, is a collaborative effort within the Burger Plains community. As families prepare their delicious meals, they save the rendered bacon grease in designated containers. When the time comes to send a message, the collected grease is brought to the nearest signal tower. At the tower's peak, the grease is carefully heated over open flames, producing a thick and flavorful smoke.
With the decline of the Whale Watchers, the Burger Plains repurposed their towering structures into Bacon Smoke Signal stations. The top platforms, once manned by watchful eyes, are now occupied by skilled Smoke Whisperers armed with bacon oil. From these elevated positions, coded messages travel far and wide, fostering unity and connecting communities across the vast plains. The repurposed towers stand as symbols of resilience, embracing change while preserving cherished traditions.
The Bacon Smoke Signals have proven to be an indispensable method of communication throughout the history and culture of the Burger Plains. Urgent warnings and critical information also find their voice in the billowing columns of smoke, alerting neighboring communities to potential dangers or impending changes in weather patterns. For example, a single short puff followed by a pause could signify "all clear" or "everything is fine." In contrast, three short puffs followed by a pause could indicate "danger" or "emergency." The duration of the pauses and the number of puffs in a sequence convey different meanings, allowing for a range of messages to be transmitted.
During joyous gatherings and festive occasions in the Burger Plains, the Bacon Smoke Signals undergo a magical transformation. Skilled Smoke Whisperers sprinkle the oil with natural pigments derived from crushed berries, herbs, and flowers, resulting in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. As the oil is released into the flames, the rising smoke takes on enchanting hues, painting the skies with brilliant reds, greens, blues, and golds. The creative Smoke Whisperers expertly manipulate the patterns, weaving intricate designs and shapes that reflect the theme of the celebration.

Location: Burger Plains
Purpose: Long-Distance Communication
Key Ingredient: Rendered Grease

While the Bacon Smoke Signals have been a dependable method of communication in the Burger Plains for generations, they are not without limitations. Their effectiveness can be hindered by adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain or dense fog, which may obscure the smoke and distort the intended message. Additionally, the accuracy of the signals relies heavily on the expertise of the Smoke Whisperers.


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25 Jul, 2023 10:17

Ahhh, so that's what the towers are used for nowadays. :D I love the idea that the smoke can also be used for celebration purposes.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
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25 Jul, 2023 14:52

Hahah yes! Finally figured out a way to use the towers without too much modification, just add giant vats of oil and set 'em on fiiire!

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I love how the people of the Burger Plains repurposed their towers. The smoke signals seem like a real art form, though I wonder what would happen if they tried it with something other than bacon drippings....

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Oooo, avocado oil smoke sorcerers~ Ahahahah that would be really cool, once I can edits these articles I'll have to consider what some other oils might do!

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I would probably stay hungry all the time, smelling bacon...   Do the towers attract insects or animals drawn by the smell?

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Hahahah gosh, there would likely be animals brought in by the smell, wouldn't there? xD I must write this in my to-do for WorldEmber lmaoo the cutest lil bacon-fiending pests are on their way!

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