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Before the glass bells, there were the watchful eyes. The Whale Watchers were the unseen heroes, watching over us all with unwavering devotion.
— Charbroil Patty, Leader of the Fizzriders
In eras past, the Burger Plains boasted a dedicated group known as the Whale Watchers, who played a vital role in the region's agricultural rhythm. Perched atop tall towers, these vigilant observers awaited the awe-inspiring sight of the Pollen Whales gracing the skies. As these magnificent creatures embarked on their migratory journey, the Whale Watchers stood as the first line of defense, alerting farmers to start the crucial task of clearing their fields.

A Forgotten Career

The Whale Watchers, with keen eyes trained on the horizon, possessed a deep knowledge of the whales' migratory patterns. Their role was instrumental in ensuring successful harvests and preserving the centuries-old traditions of the Burger Plains. The arrival of the Pollen Whales signaled the onset of a bountiful season, and the Whale Watchers' timely warnings were vital to the region's agricultural prosperity.
The discovery of rock candy glass revolutionized the way the Burger Plains interacted with the Pollen Whales. This shimmering glass, infused with the vibrations of the whales' enchanting songs, offered a natural warning system, capable of detecting the whales' presence from afar.
  With the advent of rock candy glass, the role of the Whale Watchers became less relevant, and their once-vigilant presence slowly faded from the skyline. As the community embraced new methods of detecting the Pollen Whales' arrival, the towers that once housed these dedicated observers now stood vacant.  
The agricultural success of the Burger Plains hinged on the timely Migration of the Pollen Whales. These gentle giants played a crucial role in the region's ecosystem, pollinating the oceanic sugar coral and allowing it to grow into rock candy plants. The rock candy provided essential sustenance and resources for the people of the Burger Plains.   The vigilance of the Whale Watchers ensured that the Burger Plains capitalized on theirpresence, reaping abundant harvests and sustaining their way of life. Their unwavering dedication to their craft kept the region in harmony with nature, reinforcing the close bond between the people and the Pollen Whales.
Location: Burger Plains
Duties: Spotting Whales, Warning Farmers
Skills: Sky Navigation, Sonorous Interpretation
Young apprentice Whale Watchers were taught the secrets of reading the ever-changing skies, understanding the nuances of the Pollen Whales' migratory patterns, and decoding their sonorous messages. Upon mastering their training, they were inducted into the esteemed ranks of the Whale Watchers, joining the watchful eyes that safeguarded the Burger Plains.


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22 Jul, 2023 10:21

Aw, it's a shame that they are no longer necessary, but sounds like the new system more efficient. Do people use the old towers for anything nowadays?

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
22 Jul, 2023 15:25

I've been toying around with a couple ideas for the old towers but haven't decided exactly what to do with them yet. They'd be great rendezvous or drop points for the Griddle Syndicate, though!

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27 Jul, 2023 05:44

Okay, I love that you took "whale watchers" and made it mean something else. I saw "retired whale watchers" in the other article and wondered how whale watchers retire, and now I understand. Neat! I also just like the concept of rock candy plants.

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11 Oct, 2023 22:23

Thank you! I really need to expand on the rock candy plants now that Summercamp is over - perfect for WorldEmber! Muahahaha xD

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11 Oct, 2023 22:16

Aw, sad that they're not around anymore. I think it would be cool to be a Whale Watcher - only I'd probably end up falling asleep when the sky traffic comes to a lull...

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
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11 Oct, 2023 22:25

I should have a lil whale watcher museum, with portraits of the most revered watchers <3 I bet it was a lovely job, although I would definitely fall asleep, too xD If you think watching paint dry is slow, try watching whales slowly float on by hahahahah.

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12 Oct, 2023 12:05

Ooh a museum is a really neat idea!

May your worldbuilding hammer always fall true! Also, check out the world of the Skydwellers for lots of aerial adventures.
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