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Welcome to a realm where the clang of spatulas meets the slinging sauce of the Spaghettrain! Get ready for a tabletop role-playing game that's seasoned to perfection. Sharpen those kitchen knives, ready your spice wands, and prepare for a world where every dish you whip up is a recipe for destiny.

What's Cooking?

Flavorful Characters
Cook up characters that tickle the taste buds and reflect your most delicious dreams. Choose from a menu of races, skills, and backgrounds to spice up your hero's identity.
Whacky Mechanics
Experience a dynamic rule system designed to add extra flavor to your adventure. From intense kitchen duels to diplomatic food fights, every dice roll propels your story forward.
Mouthwatering Storylines
Uncover secret recipes, forge alliances with foodie factions, and confront formidable culinary foes in a world brimming with flavor.


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