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Nestled within fertile plains and rolling hills of the south lies the resilient Kingdom of Chaff, an agricultural powerhouse and fiercely independent bastion celebrated as much for its grain production as for its steadfast citizens.   With its storied history spanning back to its founding in 412 CA by refugees seeking fertile land and liberty, Chaff has persevered in the face of external threats. Despite the looming pressures of neighboring kingdoms attempting to wrest control of its verdant grain fields, Chaff remains passionate about preserving its way of life, rallying its proud populace to defend their homeland at every attempt of incursion.   Today, the echoes of this enduring kingdom’s triumphant history ripple through the amber waves of its thriving grain farms. Its citizens live by their kingdom’s motto - “With Hearty Grain Comes Freedom”.  

The History of Chaff

Founded in 412 CA by farmers fleeing conflict in neighboring domains, Chaff offered refuge, rich land and liberty. Early settlers honed their skills, pioneering innovative farming methods and grain magic to reap bountiful harvests.   As grains filled its stores and culture flourished, Chaff cemented itself as an independent bastion, resistant to the meddling of other kings who enviously eyed its verdant lands. All who threatened Chaff soon faced the steadfast fury of its citizen soldiers. Enduring centuries of turmoil, the kingdom persevered, pride and stubbornness allowing no compromise of their way of life.   In 800 CA, the Core Corn Accord formalized Chaff’s border, signed by all rulers, finally securing the realm’s respect. Chaff began its resurgence, grain production booming. Baking rose as an art form, its breadmakers crafting the iconic Golden Loaf through magical means. The capital, Grainspire, became a hub for arts, its theaters and Oatpera House famed across the realm.   By 1100 CA, Chaff matched rivals in might and cunning. Yet global instability loomed as resources dwindled. In 1298 CA the Great Plague struck, ravaging populations, causing unrest. Wars ignited, reshaping realms vying for land and power.   In 1492 CA The Second Whey Wars erupted. Chaff reluctantly joined the fray as greedy foreign nobles sponsored mercenaries to seize control of fertile grains. Outnumbered but spirited, Chaff rallied to triumph, securing legendary status for its storied citizen militia.   Today Chaff stands vigilant, celebrated for its courageous troops, master bakers and commitment to freedom. The echo of centuries sound across its amber waves of grain, weaving a tapestry of resolve in the face of enduring threats to Chaff’s bounty and way of life.


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