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Children of the Muffin Man

Do you know the Muffin Man?
Who lives in the cotton candy clouds above?
— Child of the Muffin Man

The Children of the Muffin Man are devoted worshippers of the Muffin Man. Based in the Sugarcanaan Isles, the Children spread their word through the use of sugar and yeast magics as well as their Gummy Golems.

Type: Organized Religion
Deity: The Muffin Man
Territories: Sugarcanaan Isles, Chaff
Domain: Bakery
Current Head Muffinkin:
Nibs McSaccharine

The Mysterious Muffin Man


The Man, The Myth, The Muffin

Long ago, when Culinaria was just sprouting, rumors began to spread of a man and his magical, frothing yeast. It was said he could make breads rise and juice spirituous.
  He was generous with his goods and embued his knowledge on the people of the Sugarcanaan Isles. In return, they provided him sanctuary and a willing kingdom of taste testers for new products. He began to produce sweet muffins, bread, and buns capable of immense healing powers, often giving them away to the needy families of the islands.
  As thanks, those he helped created their own versions of his baked goods and held the first Bake Sale and Muffinkin Celebration. All proceeds from the festivals are donated to the Children of the Muffin Man. He has since ascended to the cotton candy clouds.
Muffin Man.png
Temporary Character Art via Pixabay


The Tenets of The Children


Live and Let Rise

The sweetest treats come to those that wait. Sometimes taking a step back and a deep breath is the best choice. Be patient.

Care for the Kneady

Not all souls are ready to accept the creations of the Muffin Man. Some gentle molding and shaping may be required before they become a Child.

Life is a Labor of Loaf

You get out what you put in. One cannot glide through life and expect only good to come their way, they must seek it and work for it.


Bake Today Our Daily Bread
Daily worship of the Muffin Man is delicious. Each morning, devoted followers awake early and repeat their tenets while their yeast rises. All members of the household take part to prepare the dough together and travel to the nearest community oven to bake their bread at sunrise. Small pieces of bread will be broken off and shared with other Children if they should meet at the oven.
To become a leader of the Children, one must only prove their connection to the Muffin Man. Many of the priests are those who won the Muffinkin but it's also common to see particularly gifted bakers taking up the priesthood.

English Muffin Man.png
Temporary Character Art via Pixabay

Splitting the Dough

Nowadays, the religion has become torn. Some followers in Chaff have shifted from sweet to savory and have taken vows under their new deity, the English Muffin Man. It's rumored this character is actually a trickster god, the Pie'd Piper, attempting to cause religious turmoil between mortals and gain more followers.
All images obtained from Pixabay or created by Emily Armstrong.


Author's Notes

As always, major thanks to my Twitch chat for their input and collaboration on this article! You are all amazing chaos beans and I couldn't do this without y'all!

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