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Gummy Golems

a species considered monstrous by some

We wouldn't be where we are today without our glorious gummy golems. Praise the Muffin Man for his sweet gifts!
— Nib McSaccharine, Head Muffinkin

Crafted by the gingerbreadfolk, gummy golems are a natural alternative to the mechanical constructs of Culinaria. Most families within Sugarcanaan own at least one golem to help around the house, run chores, or perform specific tasks to aid the gingerbreadfolk in their career.
Sugarcanaan Isles
Culture: Gingerbreadfolk
Material: Gummy

Life of a Golem

Everlasting Gummy Golems

There is approximately one gummy golem for every three gingerbreadfolk in the Sugarcanaan Isles. It's rare for a family to go without a golem, as they cost no money to create and only the time and skill of the gummymancer determine the efficacy of the golem.Even the least skilled gummymancers are able to craft simple golems for menial tasks.
  Golems are not known to die. Once they are given life, they can only be melted and reformed into new forms. The gingerbreadfolk continue to perform tests and experiments with gummy to test its resilience against forms of damage and magic.
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Grown in the Thickets

The Gummy Thickets are an untamed wilderness within the Sugarcanaan Isles. Roaming herd of gummy deer and other forest creatures call this land their home, thriving between the bubblegum trees and candy grass. It was not always this way. Long ago, the forest was overtaken by the growing, living gummy created using the gummymancy of the gingerbreadfolk. The gummy assimilated with the natural flora and fauna and left the once-green forest with sticky, sweet terrain.
  There is no distinct harvest time for the gummy. At any point a gingerbreadfolk may enter the Gummy Thickets and scoop up the required material needed. There was once an attempt by the Muffinkin to regulate the removal of gummy but due to public backlash it it was reverted to an open source of gummy.

You've Got A Friend In Gummy

There are many uses for a gummy golem! It's most common to find gingerbreadfolk creating golems for protection or to complete specific tasks, but there have been rumors of golems crafted for companionship.
  There is controversy around befriending gummy golems. Some families get golems to grow with their children as life-long protectors while others believe the golems should be for work-related situations only and should not be treated like a pet or buddy.


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