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The Gingerbreadfolk are some of the sweetest individuals in the realm! Just be respectful, they get scary when hopped up on sugar.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Living in the balmy, humid Sugarcanaan Isles, the Gingerbreadfolk are spirited fae known for their affinity towards Gummy Golems. Most of the Sugarcanaanites are Children of the Muffin Man, a deity who visited the land many years ago and brought together the community in times of trouble.
  Gingerbreadfolk are incredibly friendly and welcome any visitors to their islands as long as they remain respectful of the sugar magics blooming within. There hasn't been an incident on the Sugarcanaan Isles in nearly 50 years but those who remember the last frenzy have lasting scars.
Origin: Fae
Homeland: Sugarcanaan Isles
Current Leader:
Nibs McSaccharine

Average Height: 3-5"
Average Weight: 30-50 grams
Average Lifespan: Gingerbreadfolk are only known to harden, it is questionable if they can die of old age.

Life of the Gingerbreadfolk

Inside Gummysburg

The Gingerbreadfolk live in a colorful oasis at the heart of the Sugarcanaan Isles. Lush and delicious, much of the island has been converted to cool, sugary substances to sustain the population and keep them from sweating or melting in the moist heat. Life tend to be quiet and simple on the island without conflict from the major kingdoms. It's stated by most kingdoms that the island is left alone out of disinterest rather than fear; however, it is assumed the outcome of the last frenzy is a considerable deterrent.
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It's believed Gingerbreadfolk feast entirely on candy, sugar, and baked goods. They have been known to purchase large shipments of fruits and vegetables but it's assumed these are turned into treats before they're consumed.

Social Structure

The Gingerbreadfolk live in a simple social system led by the council of Muffinkin. Most decisions for the community are made by the Muffinkins but open calls to the other Sugarcanaanites for their input.


Gingerbreadfolk are an adorable, petite species of fae most closely related to goblins. They generally stand between 3 and 5 inches but amalgam Gingerbreadfolk have been discovered at over 2 feet tall. Their bodies are made up of a hard, spiced cookie and brought to life through piped runes and markings.  

Frosting Runes

Every Gingerbreadfolk has unique markings given to them by their parents on their creation day. Ancient Gingerbreadfolk discovered the ability to bend and change the standard sugar runes, creating a new form of sugar magic exclusive to the Sugarcanaan Isles. These markings not only give life but can imbue particular characteristics and benefits.

Magical Abilities

Sugar Magic

A quick and simple magic, the Gingerbreadfolk have specialized in the art of sugar. After crafting their own frosting runes, they began multiplying their numbers and raising gummy golems. Due to the mysterious nature of the nearby Sweetgum Forest, it is unknown how far the Gingerbreadfolk have pushed sugar magic.

Yeast Magic

Gifted by the Muffin Man, yeast was brought to the Sugarcanaan Isles and shared amongst its people. It is most often used to create healing baked goods that rival the treats of Chaff. It is rumored the Gingerbreadfolk have experimented with yeast-based golems but evidence of any success has yet to surface.

Glorious Gummy Golems

A relatively recent creation of the Gingerbreadfolk, gummy golems have helped the Sugarcanaanites become a more advanced society in a short period of time. They are not only larger, stronger, and more durable than the Gingerbreadfolk, they can be easily rebuilt and formed into abnormal shapes to meet needs previously thought hopeless for the people of the Sugarcanaan Isles.
gummy bear army
All images obtained from Pixabay or created by Emily Armstrong.


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