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Summercamp 2023

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My only plan for July is doing prompts for Summercamp! I'll be working on my TTRPG in the background, but all articles will add to my first campaign for Culinarypunk! Shoutout to the amazing Strixxline for the badge and club!
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Dimi Quest!

I've received an official quest from Dimi for Summer Camp!
"Grab your best ladle and fix the plague of empty categories in the World of Culinaria.
Each article should contain at least one tasty pun."
I can't wait to fill out this world, it needs a ton of love this summer. You're on, Dimi!


Themes Loaded
Current Themes
Theme 1: Power
Theme 2: Frontiers
Theme 3: Relic
Theme 4: Communication

Theme 1: Power

Lactana Goudavichna Syrnyka
As the ruler of Lactasia, the Cream Queen exercises both ceremonial and executive powers. They represent the embodiment of dairy-based prosperity and are revered as the ultimate authority figure in the land.

Rising Power

Lactasia and Pollenesia are two of the heaviest hitters in Culinaria since the disappearance of King Yanis of Simmeroon. The two kingdoms are attempting to wrench power from Simmeroon in the King's absence.  
The conflict between Lactasia and Pollenesia is a main focus in the first Culinarypunk campaign.
New QueenThe coronation is about to begin.
Sugar CrashPollenesia struggles with the Isles.
King For A DayWho will wear Simmeroon's crown?
The Queen Bee
The Queen Bee is a formidable leader known for her ability to rally her people at a moment's notice. The Queen is fiercely protective and will stop at nothing to defend it against any perceived threat.

Theme 2: Frontiers

The Burger Plains

The Burger Plains, nestled between Simmeroon and Lactasia, are a wild frontier where rules are fluid and culinary adventure reigns. Emerging from the Burger Bun Compromise, an agreement between Chaff, Simmeroon, and Lactasia, this lawless territory became a neutral haven. As Chaff struggles to maintain control from its distant homeland, the plains have transformed into a vibrant tapestry of flavors and festivities.  

Saucetown SizzleA radical music competition.
Free RangeLess laws mean tighter communities.
Clash of CuisineMany styles of food come together.

New, updated map for Culinaria! A lil shinier and a whole lot more locations.
I'll be adding more pins through June, so keep checking back for more!
Warning: Very large map, may take a few seconds to load properly.
Within the Burger Plains, a perpetual picnic unfolds where roaring barbeques stack high with cheeseburgers, inviting locals and adventurers to gather and share stories. The people of the Burger Plains are a mix of rugged outlaws, spirited chefs, and free-spirited wanderers who have embraced a life on the culinary fringes. The landscape is dotted with makeshift food stands, repurposed caravans, and vibrant tents, each a unique establishment offering their own mouthwatering creations. Colorful characters clad in aprons, bandanas, and cowboy hats fill the streets, their hands busy with grilling, chopping, and crafting culinary masterpieces.   The atmosphere is electric, fueled by the passionate conversations of food enthusiasts and the clinking of utensils and glasses. Live music fills the air, played on instruments fashioned from kitchenware, adding to the lively ambiance of this wild culinary frontier.
As the sun sets, the Burger Plains come alive with vibrant festivities. Bonfires crackle, casting flickering shadows on impromptu stages where performances and storytelling captivate the crowd. Laughter and merriment intertwine with the delicious aromas of smoky meats and sweet desserts, creating an intoxicating symphony that echoes through the Burger Plains.  
Not only are the Burger Plains a frontier in themselves, but the activities occurring within the region are pushing the meaning of food, entertainment, and community. It's a place where the boundaries of taste, tradition, and imagination blur, inviting visitors to embrace the untamed, the unconventional, and the truly extraordinary.

Theme 3: Relic

The world of Culinaria is filled with relics of ages gone. These relics, infused with magical properties, serve as tangible links to the past, offering glimpses into the extraordinary culinary heritage of the lands from where they derive. During the first campaign in Culinaria, players will have plenty of side quests available to obtain a few of these wonderous items.

Traditions of Note

Coronation of the Cream Queen
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 21, 2023
The Coronation is an age-old tradition in Lactasia focused on finding the new Queen through cheesemaking.
An event spurred from the Frenzies, Potlucks still take place to celebrate peace and freedom today in Culinaria.
Traditions to Write About
  • The Migration of the Pollen Whales: A natural phenomenon where immense airborne creatures migrate across the skies.
  • The Trial of the Emberheart: A time-honored tradition where aspiring warriors from Simmeroon must face a series of grueling trials that test their ability to withstand intense heat.
  • The Great Grill-Off: A renowned culinary competition held annually in the heart of the Burger Plains.
  • The Inferno Festival: Once every decade, Simmeroon holds a massive celebration known as the Inferno Festival.
  • The Milk Moon Celebration: Once every few years, Lactasia celebrates the rare occurrence of the Milk Moon, a phenomenon where the moon appears to radiate a soft, creamy glow.
  • The Flavor Fusion Parade: A colorful parade that celebrates the diverse flavors and culinary traditions of the Burger Plains.

Artifacts of Note

Amidst the lively saloon atmosphere of the Burger Plains, the party catches sight of a passionate figure making their way towards them. It's Remy Firebrand, a renowned Flambosaur Gastroarian and self-proclaimed Burgermeister aficionado.   With animated gestures and an unwavering zeal, Remy shares an exciting tale about their life's quest—uncovering the mysteries of the legendary Burgermeister. According to Remy, the key to unraveling the Burgermeister's secrets lies within the elusive Burgermeister's Cookbook, a tome said to contain the ultimate compilation of the culinary genius's recipes and enchantments.  

PeopleRemy Firebrand, Burgermeister
PlacesThe Burgoda, Fizztopia, Burger Plains

In the bustling city of Creamhaven, the party encounters a distraught cheesemaker named Gary Goudavichna. Gary reveals that the Churnblade, a cherished heirloom of their family, has been stolen. The thief, a notorious cheese aficionado named Brieze Blacktooth, is rumored to have hidden the Churnblade deep beneath the creamery.   The party embarks on a daring quest to retrieve the stolen Churnblade. Their journey takes them through the winding labyrinthine passages beneath the Goudavichna Creamery, where they must navigate treacherous cheese caves, cheese-filled traps, and encounters with mischievous dairy spirits.  

PeopleGary Goudavich, Brieze Blacktooth
PlacesGoudavich Creamery, Creamhaven, Lactasia

Smokewalker Armor
A suit of enchanted tunic and plate armor made from reinforced dragon scales and tempered in the scorching fires of Simmeroon. This armor provides resistance to fire damage and allows the wearer to emit billowing clouds of smoke, granting them temporary concealment and the ability to move swiftly and unseen.
The Feastmaster's Spatula
A colossal spatula passed down through generations of renowned chefs in the Burger Plains. It possesses the ability to conjure delicious and abundant feasts with a simple wave, making it invaluable in feeding large gatherings.
The Honeyheart Amulet
The Honeyheart Amulet is an exquisite golden pendant adorned with a shimmering honey-colored gem. Legend has it that this amulet was created by ancient beekeepers, granting its wearer the ability to communicate with bees and harness the secrets of honey. It is said to bring good fortune and prosperity to those who possess it.
The Flamegrill Gauntlets
The Flamegrill Gauntlets, forged by the legendary fire smiths of Simmeroon, are a pair of enchanted gloves that channel the scorching heat of the grill. When donned by skilled grillmasters, these gauntlets bestow the ability to control and manipulate flames. They are a symbol of the grilling heritage and passion that burns within the heart of Simmeroon.

Theme 4: Communication

In the world of Culinaria, food goes beyond mere sustenance—it becomes a language of its own, connecting diverse cultures through flavors, traditions, and shared experiences. It's like a tasty code that communicates history, values, and identity. Through the sharing of recipes, cooking techniques, and traditional dishes, cultures engage in a flavorful discourse that transcends verbal boundaries. Spices, herbs, and local ingredients become the vibrant vocabulary, blending harmoniously to create a symphony of tastes that speak of shared experiences and deep-rooted connections.   Food acts as an ambassador, carrying messages of friendship, respect, and curiosity. A humble dish prepared with care can convey warmth and hospitality, inviting strangers to partake in the cultural heritage of a community. The act of sharing a meal becomes a moment of communion, fostering understanding, and nurturing bonds that extend beyond words. Food becomes a canvas for culinary innovation, a language of creativity that knows no borders. Chefs and cooks become cultural translators, blending traditional recipes with contemporary influences, resulting in fusion cuisines that celebrate diversity and inspire new narratives.   In Culinaria, food is the universal language that brings people together, fostering unity and harmony. When words fail, a delicious meal can bridge divides, allowing us to appreciate the richness and diversity of this realm.
During the first Culinarypunk campaign, communication plays a huge role. From bustling Lactasia to the vibrant Pollenesia and the untamed Burger Plains, the players discover the power of communication in many forms. They encounter ancient relics that hold hidden messages, decode recipes that unveil forgotten histories, and engage in gastronomic diplomacy to bridge divides between kingdoms.   Communication becomes a multifaceted tool, where flavors, recipes, and food rituals become the threads that weave the narrative. By mastering the language of food, the players unlock hidden paths, forge friendships, and ultimately play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of Culinaria.


Culinaria boasts the prominent tongue known as Epicurian, the language of choice for seasoned Culinarians. Like a well-cooked stew, this tongue has simmered its way to dominance, uniting the palates of the kingdom. Yet fear not, for in the delicious corners of Culinaria, whispers of ancient dialects still dance in the air, savoring the last bites of linguistic history before they vanish into the recipe books of time.
Other Forms of Communication

Crusttongue emerged within the grain kingdom of Chaff, where resourceful thieves devised a clever means of covert communication using their morning bread rolls. By scoring the script onto rolls, these cunning outlaws created a distinct language that allowed them to pass coded messages unnoticed. What does the bun say?
Hi WorldAnvil! (significant, spread the word)
Dish Diplomacy
To convey messages discreetly, royal families use specially prepared food arrangements to communicate nuanced messages. Each arrangement carries a specific meaning, with different food items and their arrangement conveying different messages. These arrangements are delivered by couriers as gifts, often alongside a written letter from the royal. For example, a platter of ripe strawberries might signify a call for a diplomatic meeting, while a single golden apple paired with a sprig of mint represents a peace offering. By presenting these food arrangements in specific ways or combining them with other ingredients, messengers can convey messages with subtlety and precision.



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Author's Notes

Thank you for taking interest in my Summercamp shenanigans this year! I can't wait to build out major portions of Culinaria and have way too much fun with this whimsical world!   As always, I appreciate any and all feedback, critiques, and comments you may have! Spread the love to other creators this Summercamp! I'll be popping likes on everything I read this summer and leaving lil compliments everywhere <3
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